Timothy Waindim Ntam: The Manager and Developer

Timothy Waindim Ntam, the General Manager of North West Cooperative Association (NWCA) Ltd, is one of the most influential personalities in the Bamenda III Municipality. With a career spanning 17 years in the developmental sector, Timothy has made significant contributions to the improvement of livelihoods and poverty alleviation in the municipality and beyond.

Waindim Timothy Ntam

Having served in various capacities such as Chief of Administration and Personnel and Human Resource Manager, Timothy's appointment as General Manager of NWCA Ltd marked a turning point for the cooperative association. Under his leadership, NWCA Ltd, which was on the brink of folding up, has experienced a remarkable transformation. Today, NWCA Ltd has become a place for the formation of future leaders and coffee farmers either as intern or visiting for field studies. 

One of Timothy's notable achievements is positioning NWCA Ltd as the highest producer of Arabica coffee in Cameroon. Through his strategic vision and leadership, he has successfully revitalized the institution and brought it to new heights of success extending the Bamenda III based institution to many hard to reach areas across the North West Region. 

Timothy is credited for giving visibility to NWCA Ltd's flagship coffee brand, Kola Coffee, both locally and internationally. Today coffee consumption has become part of the daily activities of many in Bamenda. They pass by in their numbers at the Mile 3 Nkwen NWCA Ltd head office to consume the great beverage.  

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Timothy is also deeply committed to community development. He has been actively involved in supporting community activities such as the Bamenda III Council Festival of Heritage Arts and Culture (FEHACU). Through his efforts, NWCA Ltd has become a key player in promoting cultural heritage and arts in the region.

Considering the strategic location of our municipality, internally displaced persons within the ongoing armed conflict have seen a home in Bamenda III. Timothy's humanitarian spirit shines through his support for the less privileged and needy in his community. He has provided a source of livelihood for hundreds of internally displaced persons and Mbororo women who work at NWCA Ltd as coffee sorters. By creating employment opportunities and empowering marginalized groups, Timothy is making a tangible difference in the lives of those in need.

Timothy Waindim Ntam exemplifies dedication, leadership, and compassion in his role as General Manager of NWCA Ltd. His commitment to sustainable development, poverty alleviation, and community empowerment has earned him a well-deserved reputation as a star of management, development and progress in the Bamenda III Municipality. Timothy's remarkable journey serves as an inspiration to all who strive to make a positive impact in their communities and beyond.


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