Nganteh Ngoh Martin: A Political touch Bearer

Nganteh Ngoh Martin is one of the 25 most influential personalities, making a significant impact on the local community as a political leader and statesman. As a staunch supporter of the national ruling Cameroon People's Democratic Movement (CPDM), Ngante Ngoh has been a vocal advocate for the party's values and vision, even in the face of opposition from the dominant Social Democratic Front (SDF) in the municipality.

Ngante Martin Ngoh

Nganteh Martin's dedication to the CPDM is evident in his role as a host and organizer of numerous events for the party, even during challenging and hostile moments. His commitment to promoting the ideals of the CPDM has earned him respect and recognition within the municipality.

Throughout his leadership within the CPDM in the municipality, Nganteh Martin has expressed his desire to serve the people of Bamenda III Municipality by aspiring to be the Mayor. His repeated candidacy as the list leader since the creation of the council in 2007 for the CPDM during municipal elections highlights his genuine intentions to contribute positively to the development and progress of the municipality.

As the result of professional mobility, Nganteh Ngoh Martin was named as adviser to the local CPDM executive an indication of his wisdom as a senior party official.

One of Nganteh Martin's notable achievements is his role in promoting environmental conservation and reforestation efforts in the municipality and beyond. During his tenure as the Regional Chief of the National Forestry Agency (ANAFOR), he facilitated the reforestation of many areas, including Bamenda III Municipality. His commitment to sustainable practices and environmental protection has had a lasting impact on the local ecosystem.

Nganteh is widely recognized and celebrated in the municipality for his contributions in solving long standing water crisis in the city. His massive support with pipes for the extension of the Nkwen water project stands out. 

Beyond his political and environmental contributions, Nganteh Martin is also known for his philanthropic efforts in his Ntehfikih and Mbelem neighborhoods. He has been a supportive figure to those in need, offering assistance and resources to help improve the lives of community members facing challenges. His regular donation of improved seeds at the start of the farming season for many years puts Nganteh Ngoh in a class of his own. 

In recent years, Nganteh Martin's influence has extended to empowering young people to freely express themselves as members of the CPDM, a significant shift from previous norms. His efforts to engage and involve youth in political discourse have helped cultivate a new generation of leaders who are actively shaping the future of the municipality.

Nganteh Ngoh Martin's multifaceted contributions to politics, environmental conservation, and community support have solidified his position as a respected and influential figure within Bamenda III Municipality. His dedication to serving the people and advancing positive change underscores his enduring impact on the local community.

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