HOBEFI Empowers Cameroon's Next Generation Renewable Energy Entrepreneurs

A transformative Youth Capacity Building workshop on entrepreneurship in Renewable Energy and key sectors like Agriculture, Fashion and Design, and IT has ended in Bamenda, North West region in a bid to support Cameroon's three-year import substitution plan. 
The initiative, spearheaded by Hope for A Better Future Vocational Training Center, HOBEFI, in collaboration with the Cameroon National Youth Council (CNYC) and other partners of the ongoing project CameroonRenewED, aimed to equip over 300 young individuals with essential skills to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey.
Chaired by the Senior Divisional Officer (SDO) for Mezam, Simon Emile, the workshop focused on guiding participants in identifying their skills and fostering the mindset needed to become successful actors in the renewable energy sector.
 Through interactive sessions led by industry experts, including discussions on innovative solar system design and business financial management, the youths were empowered to unleash their creativity and problem-solving abilities.

According to Ngo A Banfogha, Executive Director of HOBEFI, the training sought to provide technical insights into entrepreneurship in renewable energy and other vital sectors while instilling the critical skills required for self-empowerment. 
Ngo A Banfogha, Executive Director of HOBEFI

"By nurturing these young visionaries, the initiative aims to cultivate a generation of responsible leaders capable of driving positive change within their communities" He added .
The workshop, co-funded by the EU Erasmus Programme, culminated in a Youth Summit at the North West Regional in Bamenda, where participants showcased their newfound knowledge and determination to shape a brighter future through innovation and sustainable solutions.
The Youth Summit highlighted a series of enriching sessions focused on entrepreneurship, business ideation, financial management, networking, and opportunities in key sectors. Participants were inspired by presentations from industry experts and motivational speeches, leading to 231 individuals applying for vocational training immediately after the event. 

The organizers have expressed gratitude to funders, knowledge partners, communication partners, and collaborative partners for their support in empowering the youth. 
The summit showcased the dedication of participants to developing skills in renewable energy, agriculture, fashion & design, and IT, setting the stage for successful careers.

As the youths continue to harness their potential and embrace their role as change-makers, organizations like HOBEFI, SOPISDEW, FAP NGO, and the Cameroon Youth Council stand as pillars of support in nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders.

By Nfor Nkfu 

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