ICT: Fundong Council, MBCODE Graduates Pioneer Batch from Coding School

By Ngewie Azeh

The Fundong Council Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) program has graduated the first batch of trainees. The close to 25 trainees received their certificates and attestations during a ceremony in Bamenda on Saturday 6 May 2023. 
Administration, Fundong Elite and graduates in family picture at the end of the graduation event 

"The world is constantly changing, and technology is playing an increasingly important role in shaping our lives and society. That is why we have made ICT training a top priority for our youth. By equipping them with the necessary skills, we are not only empowering them but also positioning our Municipality for development in the digital age." Denis Awoh Ndang Mayor of Fundong said 
Mayor of Fundong, Denis Awoh Ndang speaking to the press after the graduation event 

According to the Mayor, the training is the result of a partnership between his council and the digital skills training company MBCODE facilitated by the United Councils and Cities of Cameroon (UCCC). 
"Today marks a significant milestone in your journey. You have completed an intensive training program that has equipped you with valuable knowledge and skills. As you venture out into the job market or start your own businesses, I have no doubt that you will make us all proud. Each one of you is a testament to the power of perseverance and hard work." Mayor Ndang told the graduates 

Like the CEO of MBCODE Evelyne Mbakop, the lead trainer Alouzeh Brandone Mahbuh has praised the Fundong Council for daring into such a training and starting the first ever Coding School in Cameroon. They have both praised the graduates for their resilience and commitment during the six months training period that permitted them to complete the different training modules. 
 Evelyne Mbakop, MBCODE CEO speaking via video during the event 

"It was very difficult but we the trainers had in mind that we must see this through. It was the case of taking someone from zero to hero. We were training people that literally had little or no knowledge on the IT field. Some of them at the beginning were unable to turn on the computer but at the end wer were amazed with what they were able to do. They are specialized in various fields like mobile application development, data analysis, back end development, full stack web development and importantly digital marketing." Alouzeh Brandone said 
The trainers (Alouzeh Brandone first from left.) 

The lead trainer has acknowledged that training alone doesn't make the graduates full professionals. While promising continous mentorship, he has appealed to companies in the country and beyond to give the young people the opportunity to excel by providing them internship opportunities. 

The graduates who christened themselves 'Fundong Tech Makers' received various prizes for excelling and encouragement described their training as rigorous and timely. 

"I am happy for this opportunity given me and my classmates by the Fundong Council and MBCODE. It has not been easy but I have no regrets engaging this training. I am hoping to perfect the skills I have acquired through internships after which I will not only help institutions solve their IT problems but also improve by personal income opportunities." Jeng Olive overall best trainee told www.hilltopvoices.com

Representative of Boyo SDO hands certificate and attestation

Training each of the trainees according to Mayor Denis Awoh Ndang could be valued at over 500,000CFA. Considering the challenging economic climate, the Mayor has expressed gratitude to MBCODE for accompanying the Fundong Council for the complete Funding of the training for all the graduates. 
Graduates offering Mayor Denis Awoh Ndang a gift 

According to MBCODE, over 70 percent of working age youths in Cameroon are still in search for jobs. Inspired by the technological demands during the intense period of the COVID-19 pandemic, the fourth industrial revolution which comes with job looses due to advancement in technology and more, the Fundong Council ICT programs seek to equip young people with the necessary skills not only to respond to the needs of the workplace today but also to prepare them even for jobs that do not yet exist. 

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