NW/SW Armed Conflict: Coalition of Women's Networks Publish Astonishing Research Report

By Bakah Derick 

The Coalition of Women's Peacebuilding Network in the North West and South West Regions has published a community engagement report on the ongoing armed conflict in their regions. The North West section of the coalition published the report on Friday 5 May 2023 in Bamenda. 
Coalition of Women's Peacebuilding Network representatives and stakeholders at the report presentation event 

According to the network coordinator for the North West,  women had earlier engaged several activities which produced a variety of results including the current friendly environment for schooling. 
Clautilda Andiensa speaking at the opening of the report presentation event 

Clautilda Andiensa has expressed the wish for the stakeholders to continue with the discussions and women's involvement in the decision making processes in their communities particularly in peacebuilding. 

The community engagement report has been presented to the Prime Minister, the diplomatic missions and in the South West region. 

The report is part of the coalition's "action for the effective leadership and representation of women peacebuilders in the implementation and monitoring Mechanism of the Cameroon Major National Dialogue" supported by the international Civil society Action Network (ICAN) and Women's Peace and Humanitarian Fund. 
Dr Manka Eileen Presenting the research findings 

Below is the full research report containing astonishing details as presented by Dr Manka Eileen of the South West North West Women's Task Force (SNWOT) for the Women's Network.  

Adah Mbah of WOPEN presenting the recommendations 

Attached to the report are recommendations to diplomatic missions focusing on participation and representation, capacity strengthening, funding and community engagement presented during the event by Adah Mbah representation Women Peace Builders Network (WOPEN). 

Full Report