Assassination of Martinez ZOGO: Journalists' Trade Union declares 'Black Wednesday'

By Bakah Derick
The Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union (CJTU) has called on media workers across Cameroon to wear black on Wednesday 25 January 2023 to mourn the assassination of one of theirs Martinez ZOGO. 
In a release published on Sunday 22, 2023, the Journalists union president Marion OBAM while declaring a 'black Wednesday' has called for investigation and protection of media workers in the country

Here is the entire text
The  disappearance of Martinez ZOGO

CJTU  Position Statement 

During the earlyhours of, Sunday January 22, 2023, the CameroonJournalists' Trade Union (CJTU) learned with dismay, after being reported missing for several days,  the lifeless body of Martinez ZOGO, broadcaster with Amplitude Fm radio in Yaoundé and host of the programme "Embouteillages",  was discovered  mutilated at Ebogo 3 via Soa,  near Yaoundé (Cameroon).

After Jules KOUM KOUM, Bibi NGOTA, Samuel WAZIZI, etc., the Cameroonian media space has just lost one of her members, a victim of human hatred and barbarism.

Away from this colleague, we are now all vulnerable.  Where is the Freedom of the Press, freedom of opinion and freedom of expression in Cameroon when exercising in the media now is synonymous to a deadly risk?  A lot of limits have been crossed.  This is unacceptable !

While extending her condolences and compassion to the nuclear and professional family of Martinez ZOGO, CJTU: 

 Denounces this heinous assassination and its consequences which further restrict freedom and security in our country.
 Calls to order the outlaws, who usurp the sovereignty of the people for the benefit of unmentionable anti-people interests
 Calls on public authorities to take full responsibility for the security of the population and their right to life.
 Urges the international community to help strengthen the safety of media men and women in Cameroon and around the world.
 Declares solidarity with any initiative taken prevent this barbaric and senseless act which signals darker day for our country: Mobilization campaign, legal action, etc.
 Calls on the police to give an appropriate response to this assassination by carrying out investigations to find and bring  the culprits to book. 
 Calls on media workers to dress in black on Wednesday January 25, 2023 to mourn.
 Calls on media workers to massively join the union to cultivate a strong flock spirit in times of trouble.

 May the solidarity of all be the guarantee of everyone's safety!

 For the NEB/CJTU 
 Marion Obama