Parliamentary Action: Bafut-Tubah MP Agho Oliver engage with constituents via Live Interactive Radio Show

By Bakah Derick 

The member of Parliament (MP) for Bafut-Tubah has engaged a conversation with his constituents via a radio show focusing on his actions during the last parliamentary session and days within his constituency. 

Hon Agho Oliver (first from Left) on the radio panel 

The Hon Agho Oliver was on NDEFCAM radio's flagship programme Press and Associate on Saturday 21 January 2023. Talking to just shortly after the the radio show, the MP said he had nothing to hide reason why he preferred such methods of interaction with his constituents at this time since he could not go meeting them from house to house. 

Reacting on the recent session, the MP enumerated laws passed but celebrated more the scraping of parliamentary micro grants of 8MFCFA which MPs received annually. According to him, this legislature should be praised for scraping this "distraction."
View of the panel 

The MP said his major role as MP is to control government action, make laws for the state while lobbying substantial projects for his people. He cited the over 30MFCFA worth of medicine and medical equipment he gave his constituents in 2022, the benches and scientific boards he recently donated to CCAST Bambili amongst others as significant projects which he has achieved  costing far more than 8MFCFA. 

Coupled with the questioning by the panel of over seven media persons, the MP also responded to preoccupations raised by his constituents via phone calls and Short Message Services (SMS) and provided instant responses. 

The had used the moment to encourage his constituents to stay peaceful while engaging in meaningful developmental initiatives.

Host Colbert Gwain has described the Programme as successful insisting that it is his duty to hold those in power accountable. He appreciate the MP who accepted to participate in the Programme despite the slippery nature of the political terrain. 
Hon Agho Oliver listening to a question

Hon Agho Oliver was elected during the February 2020 parliamentary elections as one of the youngest MPs in the country and is currently spending is third year in the Function. He replaced Hon Fusi Namukong.