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WPFD 2023: Journalists' Union celebrate Media professionals in the 'Prison Court Yard'

By Bakah Derick  The Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union (CJTU) Northwest Chapter has handed award of ezcellence to six of her members for promoting journalism and trade unionism. The awards of excellence were handed on Wednesday 3 May 2023 during celebrations marking the 30th anniversary of World Press Freedom Day in Bamenda.  According to CJTU chapter President, the six awarded have shown uncommon attachment to the Canons of Journalism and trade unionism. Nji Ignatius has challenged the recipients to continue in the same light despite the challenges they face especially working in a conflict zone.  Choves Loh, Bakah Derick, Roseline Obah, Ngong Song Jean Marie, Pierre Anoufack and Ambe Macmillian received the six awards.  Featuring prominently dueing the celebration was a poem by Shey Lashegang Godbless titled 'Let the Ink Flow' and a presentation by Senior Journalis Choves Loh on media organizatios and their relevance. ' Both presentations targeted  those w

Media: Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union Complete Elections in Four Chapters- L/NW/S/W Regions

By Ngenwie Azeh  The Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union (CJTU) has completed the organization of elections in four of her ten chapters. The most recent was on Friday 7 April 2023 for the West Chapter  where Rene Mbondjeu was elected president.  Counting of votes in Bafoussam  The long time media practioner emerged winner of the election with 30 out of 31 votes with  a null vote cast. The Bafoussam elections supervised by the National President of CJTU, Marion Obam permitted the current members of the Union in the West Region to elected a close to 20 man strong team including Divisional Representatives that will coordinate activities for the next two years.  Accompanying the National President was the National Vice President incharge of International Relations Bakah Derick, the Immediate Past President Denis Nkwebo and other National Executive Bureau members in the West Region.  Enter South On Thursday 6 April 2023, The National Executive Bureau represented by

Press Freedom: NW Journalists’ Union injects new blood into leadership

By Hilltopvoices  At least seven new persons have been elected into leadership positions of the Northwest Chapter of the Cameroon Journalists’ Trade Union (CJTU). The elections took place on Saturday 25 March 2023 in Bamenda during the union’s elective general assembly.  New CJTU North West Executive.  The new comers into the chapter executive include Julliete Afunyui of Afrique Nouvelle Radio as Vice President in charge of gender replacing Rosaline Obah, Ndefru Melanie of Civiclens as Secretary General replacing Odette Nchanji, Ngong Song Jean Marie Of the University of Bamenda radio as Secretary in charge of training replacing Bih Sylvia, Jerry Benson secretary Freelance for observatory being a new position, Paul kema Fru as secretary solidarity Fung John Freelance as secretary for mobilization and Nfor Francis of MIDENO as Auditor replacing Choves Loh  President Nji Ignatius  Only three persons have maintained their offices amongst them Nji Ignatius of Eden N

Assassination of Martinez Zogo: CJTU reacts to action of the Presidency of the Republic

Statement  by the National Executive Bureau of the Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union (NEB/CJTU)  on the second day of mourning by the media and the release by the Presidency of the Republic. Statement by the National Executive Bureau of the Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union (NEB/CJTU)  The NEB of CJTU salutes in it's entity, the second day of mourning in black by media personnel in the country on Wednesday, February 1, 2023. All Union chapters have respected the word  by order of the SNJC.  Militant action around this drama has only just begun and is already bearing fruit. Briefed by CJTU, the secretary general of the International Federation of Journalists, comrade Anthony Bellanger, declared that the murder of journalist Martinez Zogo was unacceptable and should be fully investigated. " Martinez's murder is a terrible indication of the level of intolerance of truth and accountability. He was only doing his job in exposing corruption and abuse of power

Assassination of Martinez Zogo: Journalists' Union unveils new directives, eight days on...

The Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union (CJTU) has made public a decision giving new directives on actions to be taken moving forward following the delay in action relating to the murder of Yaoundé based radio broadcaster Martinez Zogo. The directives published on Sunday 29 January 2023 declares Wednesday as a mourning day from now henceforth, regrets delay in previous investigations concerning Ngota, Koum and Wazizi, promises to meet regional authorities amongst others.  Here is the complete release signed by the unions Secretary General Hilaire HAMEKOUE  DECISION N°10 BEARING ON UNION ACTIONS FOLLOWING THE ASSASSINATION OF Martinez ZOGO  The Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union (CJTU) has expressed indignation following  the diversed reactions that invaded the newsrooms and friends of the media on Wednesday January 25, 2023. CJTU thanks all her members for the mobilization and sense of responsibility and invites them to always be ready for such directives. 

Assassination of Martinez Zogo: CJTU mourns this Wednesday

By Bakah Derick  The President of the Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union (CJTU) has maintained Wednesday 25 January 2023 as her Union's day to mourn stained Yaoundé based radio broadcaster Martinez Zogo. Marion Obam reaffirmed her position during a press conference in Douala on Tuesday 24 January 2023.  Marion Obam, CJTU President  In a position statement on Sunday 22 January 2023, the CJTU leader announced that Journalists and related media professionals across Cameroon should report to work this Wednesday in black; a position she maintained during her presser.  Here is the opening statement of Marion OBAM during the press conference.  BLURRING, BARBARIC MURDER OF MEDIA WORKERS   Opening statement  Press conference: January 24, 2023 Cameroon our country is in mourning.  The Media world has just been struck in the most cruel and inhuman way!  On January 18, 2023, the National Executive Bureau of the Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union (NEB/CJTU) learned through soc

Assassination of Martinez ZOGO: Journalists' Trade Union declares 'Black Wednesday'

By Bakah Derick   The Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union (CJTU) has called on media workers across Cameroon to wear black on Wednesday 25 January 2023 to mourn the assassination of one of theirs Martinez ZOGO.  In a release published on Sunday 22, 2023, the Journalists union president Marion OBAM while declaring a 'black Wednesday' has called for investigation and protection of media workers in the country Here is the entire text   The  disappearance of Martinez ZOGO CJTU  Position Statement  During the earlyhours of, Sunday January 22, 2023, the CameroonJournalists' Trade Union (CJTU) learned with dismay, after being reported missing for several days,  the lifeless body of Martinez ZOGO, broadcaster with Amplitude Fm radio in Yaoundé and host of the programme "Embouteillages",  was discovered  mutilated at Ebogo 3 via Soa,  near Yaoundé (Cameroon). After Jules KOUM KOUM, Bibi NGOTA, Samuel WAZIZI, etc., the Cameroonian media space has j

Press Release: CJTU National Executive Bureau complete tour of Northern regions

On November 12, 2022, the National Executive Bureau of the Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union (NEB/CJTU) completed the  tour of the northern regions with the Adamaoua regional chapter.  The delegation led by President Marion OBAM alongside the Vice-President Derick BAKAH and Secretary General Hilaire HAMEKOUE arrived the regional capital Ngaoundere at about midday and were welcomed by the chapter Executive led by the President, comrade Adolarc  LAMISSIA.  A rapid consultation between the two delegations made it possible to decide on the final program of the visit, summaried in two points:  1. A media tour  2. A meeting between the NEB of CJTU and media professionals in the region. The delegation of the NEB then visited  Château News and FADAR TV.  The promoter Rodrigue TAPEO expressed his joy to welcome the National Executive of CJTU.  He talked about his company, his ambitions and above all his difficulties.  The NEB of CJTU was briefed about the

Press Release: CJTU Executive Bureau on 7th lap of national tour

 After the Far North, the delegation of the National Executive Bureau of the Cameroon Journalists' TradeUnion (NEB / CJTU) on national tour visited the North region on November 11, 2022. NEB delegation in session with CJTU North members   Led by the President, Marion OBAM accompanied by the Vice President Derick BAKAH and Secretary General Hilaire HAMEKOUE, the NEB team was welcomed by the local Executive and led to the Regional Delegation of Communication where the host, senior journalist Mustapha Tiguele MAMADOU LOKA, Regional Delegate and several journalists working in the region were waiting.  Discussions with the delegate concerned the situation of the press in the region and their their relations with the regional delegation. The delegation of the NEB then went to the governor's office where they werr received in audience by the Secretary General Mr. AVOM DANG.  The national president of CJTU presented her team and the local leaders of the union to

Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union: National President visits North West, Commit to promote responsible practice

Press Release Subject:  National President Of the Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union (CJTU) Visits  North West Region. The National President of the Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union (CJTU), Marion OBAM  ended a day's visit to the North West Chapter on July 22, 2022. Accompanied by the Union's Secretary General, Hilaire HAMEKOUE, she was received in audience by North West governor, Adolphe Lele Lafrique and the Regional Delegate of Communications,  Njike Celestine before holding a working session with members of the North West chapter in Down Town, Bamenda. CJTU National President Marion Obam (with red muffler) with some members of the North West Chapter  The governor told the  visiting President of the CJTU, Marion Obam that her recent election to the helm of the Union is a blessing because women are closer to God with hearts that easily pardon . He hailed her courage whose outing in Bamenda helps matters in news reporting with facts on-the- spot in  sensiti

World Press Freedom Day 2022: CJTU strikes healthcare deal with Unite For Health Foundation

By Bakah Derick  The Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union (CJTU) North West chapter has reached an understanding with the Yaounde based not-for-profit health facility; Unite For Health Foundation.  CJTU North West Chapter President acknowledging Unite For Health Foundation and other partners.  The information was made public on Tuesday 3 May 2022 in Bamenda by the President of the trade union Nji Ignatius. While acknowledging institutions and individuals that accompanied his Union during World Press Freedom Day activities, the President announced a significant  insurance-like deal reached with Unite For Health Foundation.  "All your members can have 15% discount for all services at our clinic. Unite for Health will pay for delivery fee for female journalists and wives of members who give birth at our clinic. We cover 100% of the cost of delivery." The chapter president said indicating that those where the direct words of the Founder and Promoter of th

World Press Freedom Day 2022: Journalists' Trade Union Observance in Pictures

The Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union joined the world on Tuesday 3 May 2022 to observe the 31st edition of World Press Freedom Day. The three phase observance featured  a visit to the North West Cooperative Association (NWCA), Reading of Messages from structures around the world like the UN, UNESCO, International Federation of Journalists and the union's National Bureau and presentations from experts on issues related to the theme and violent extremism.  World Press Freedom Day event by the Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union (CJTU) North West chapter  Activities took place with the theme "Journalism under Digital Siege." Here is the event in pictures  Part one: Visit to NWCA.  On arrival, the journalists were received by the administrator of NWCA Ngangwa Mathew, Plant Engineer Njeshu Godlove and Neng Delphine Marketing officer on behalf of the the General Manager Timothy Waindim.  The officials guided the over 50 journalists and media professionals aro