2023 NW Budget Launch: Fuel Price increase imminent in February, roads prioritised

By Bakah Derick 

Government sources have signaled an eminent fuel price increase across Cameroon in the month of February 2023. 
Speaking at this year's launch of the the state budget for the North West Region in Bamenda on Monday 16 January 2023, the head of mission and Senior Treasury Inspector from Yaoundé  indicated that the increase of fuel prices was just a matter of time as government subsidies on fuel was not favourable for the international monetary fund (IMF) program the state is in. 
Cross section of participants at the budget launch 

According to Donatus Nji, the government of Cameroon is spending over 800bn FCFA annually on fuel subsidies; money which according to him could be used to develop the country. With an IMF mission in the country working with the government on modifications likely to take effect early February, the representatives of the ministry of finance at the launching  say no matter when it comes, fuel price increase is something that must happen no matter when reason why it is important to begin reflections on how to mitigate the effect so as not to financially suffocate Cameroonians. 
It also emerged from the meeting that the slightly over 70bn FCFA budgeted for the North West Region consider roads as a major priority. 

"The budget has laid alot of emphasis on the road. There is a continuation of the ring road. There is the continuation of the second part of the ring road, the Babadjou-Bamenda road and the main the main circulation in town. That is the major concern of the government." Senior Treasury Inspector and Head of Mission to Bamenda Donatus Nji told www.hilltopvoices.com. 
Donatus Nji, Senior Treasury Inspector and Head of Mission to Bamenda for budget launch talking to the press

While admitting that the roads in Bamenda town have been very bad, the treasury inspector maintained that government is trying to reverse the situation in this year's budget. 

North West Governor Lele L'Afrique Adolph Tchoffo Deben who chaired the budget launch expressed the need for a conducive environment for the implementation of the budget by improving on the security situation. 
North West Governor Lele L'Afrique Adolph Tchoffo Deben talking to the press after the budget launch 

"From all indications, there has been a lot of improvement but there are still some challenges we have to address with the security services supported by the population to ameliorate the rate of execution of the budget. From 90 percent last year, our objective is to reach 100 percent this year in the North West Region and improve on revenue collection at the level of the councils, division and the region. 

The launching of the 2023 budget in Bamenda provided the representatives of the ministries of finance, Public contracts and planning and economic development the opportunity to explain the innovations in the 2023 tax law as well measures to promote the processing of local materials, an enabling business climate amongst others.