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AJC-PROSANTE: Jato Richard to lead elected pioneer NW Bureau

By Bakah Derick The Cameroon Association of Scientific Journalists (AJC-Prosante) North Chapter has elected a pioneer executive. The pioneer executive led by Jato Richard Tonga as President was elected during an extraordinary assemble of the association on Friday 11 August 2023 in Bafoussam. The experienced radio personality was elected by acclamation at the helm of an eight-man team with the mission to ensure that scientific information is communicated to the North West public in a clear, concise and understandable way.  The New AJC-PROSANTE NW executive While installing the executive, North West Regional Delegate of Communication Njike Celestine noted that scientific journalism can play a critical role in bridging the gap between science and the general public when it is facts based. He expressed the need to remain professional in the treatment and distribution of scientific content as this will help to increase public awareness and understanding of scientific issues. 

PIB 2022: Nkambe Council emerges first for two consecutive years

By Bakah Derick  The Nkambe Council has emerged first in the execution of public investments projects in the North West Region for 2022. Nkambe was announced winner of the regional contest involving all 34 councils during the second semester for 2022 Regional participatory follow-up committee meeting in Bamenda on Wednesday 1 February 2023. Member of the participatory follow-up committee meeting in session  According to the regional chairperson of the participatory follow-up committee, the Nkambe council has been outstanding.  Musa Shey Nfor after receiving the price for 2021 "You will believe with me that the Nkambe Council even if it is an old woman who doesn't know how to write or read, we should allow words and go for action... if you look at this region today Nkambe is a peaceful Council and you don't need to doubt it if they are the best." Hon Walang Richard said  Nkambe Council (rep on the right) receiving the first prize  Th

2023 NW Budget Launch: Fuel Price increase imminent in February, roads prioritised

By Bakah Derick  Government sources have signaled an eminent fuel price increase across Cameroon in the month of February 2023.  Speaking at this year's launch of the the state budget for the North West Region in Bamenda on Monday 16 January 2023, the head of mission and Senior Treasury Inspector from Yaoundé  indicated that the increase of fuel prices was just a matter of time as government subsidies on fuel was not favourable for the international monetary fund (IMF) program the state is in.  Cross section of participants at the budget launch  According to Donatus Nji, the government of Cameroon is spending over 800bn FCFA annually on fuel subsidies; money which according to him could be used to develop the country. With an IMF mission in the country working with the government on modifications likely to take effect early February, the representatives of the ministry of finance at the launching  say no matter when it comes, fuel price increase is something that must h

Land Certificates: NWADO's Mobile Land App to facilitate process goes operational

By Bakah Derick North West Association of Development Organisations (NWADO) has published a mobile application expected to facilitate the land certificate procedure in Cameroon. The application christened Land App has been presented to the press in Bamenda as one of the outcomes of their Amplifying Civil Society Voice for Quality Service Delivery in the public Sector in the North West Region of Cameroon.  NWADO Land App pages  Talking to in Bamenda on Wednseday 28 December 2021, Tombir Stanley, Director of the nongovernmental organisation explained that a survey by his organisation established a very complicated and costly nature of land ownership procedures in the country.  "The land certification process is a very long and complicated process in Cameroon because it has two regimes and people don't even have access to that information. When you look at the quantity of land people own in Cameroon and you look at the quantity that is certified

Bamenda City Council: Board meeting blames waste crisis on subdivisional council

By Bakah Derick  The executive board of the Bamenda City Council has blamed poor waste management in the city on the three subdivisional councils in the council area.  The Bamenda I, II, and III Councils received the blame during the budgetary session of the City Council on Tuesday 21 December 2021 in Bamenda.  Photo by drayinfo of Mayor Paul Achobong speaking during the session  When members of the board raised concerns over poor waste collection and disposal in the city, the administrative arm of the board led by Mayor Paul Achobong indicated that waste disposal has been a major challenge. Collection he said is not the problem but the dump or disposal site is.  According to the the city Mayor, the three councils that makeup the city area were suppose to provide the dump site but unfortunately have not all done so.  The collection and management company HYSACAM has had their truck burnt, workers kidnapped and tortured by non state armed groups during the discharge of their dut

Breaking News: Presidential candidates absent at FECAFOOT Elections

By Bakah Derick Two candidates running for presidential offices have been announced absent from the elections hall in Bamenda as the regional office of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) NW goes to the poles.  They kept to their decision  At the opening ceremony in Bamenda this Monday 1 November 2021, the seat reserved for Chi Ivo running for the office of President was empty. He had however withdrawn from the process following a letter addressed to the National Electoral commission of FECAFOOT. Chi's absence thus confirms Mbigha the incumbent as President.  The other empty seat was that of the president of Rangers FC Suh Neba George. He had declared interest for the president and later submitted for Vice. His absence thus gives Jephter Pase a clear win.  Elections are ongoing... 

FECAFOOTElections: NW Arranged ahead of voting time.. Here are those to win

By Bakah Derick Elections into the regional league of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) takes place today. Ahead of elections hilltopvoices has gathered that this is the fix list despite some resistance.  Delegates entering the voting hall President : Mbigha Felix First Vice: Jepther Pase Second Vice: Nnu Sixtus Nyia Delegates:  Mbigha Felix Atah Robert  Jani Benedict  Blaise Yoye Murum Divine Fomum Victorine  No Comment... We are coming back soon...                      

NW/SW Armed Conflict: Seven Gov't Soldiers Fall In Kikaikelahki

By Nfor Nkfu in Bamenda Not less than seven government soldiers have died in an ambush claimed by separatist Ambazonia fighters in Kikaikelahki, a locality in Bui division of the North West region, Hilltopvoices has learnt. Remnants shattered military vehicle The incident was reported Sunday September 12, 2021. Reports gathered indicate that a military amoured car on board seven elements of the rapid intervention battalion stepped on an IED planted by separatists in the area.The IED reports say exploded in the process shattering the amoured vehicle into pieces which resulted in the dead of all of its occupants.The shattered vehicle was part of a military convoy that was returning from Nkambe via Ndu in Donga Mantung. According to further details obtained by this reporter, soldiers who lost their lives in the attack included Tetang Amade, Soe Alima Ngono, Beldu Dankreo, Koyang Paul and Wirifa Geremi. However, we also gathered that an earlier shoot out same day by government