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What If the South African Courts Were Right in Confiscating Baba Danpullo's Assets

The Colbert Factor: What If the South African Courts Were Right in Confiscating Baba Danpullo's Assets Colbert Gwain I might have still been in the Junior Secondary School in Fundong in the Boyo Division of the North West Region of Cameroon in the 80s, but I knew virtually every well-to-do businessman in that community. One of such was a certain Pa Dominick, a popular bar owner of Bali extraction who had settled in Fundong in the seventies. No civil servant nor any person of mettle in Fundong then would be said to have had a well-spent day if s/he didn't take a drink in Pa Dominick's bar, situated off the jaws of Fundong Grandstand.  Pa Dominick had made a good fortune in Fundong and in turn,  decided to expand his bar and soya-roasting business to real estate development. With his good standing in the lone vibrant micro-finance institution, the Fundong Credit Union where most businessmen and civil servants in the Boyo Divisional capital saved their money, he to

Interview: APIC trainee Jeanine Chancelle Banadji Ngambe talks to The Hilltop Mail

Jeanine Chancelle BANADJI NGAMBE, manager of the brand new PUZZLE company, which specializes in interior decoration, food processing and services was among the 58 women trained in Douala during the 16th edition of APIC organised in partnership with MTN Cameroon. In an interview with The Hilltop Mail, she began by sharing the reason why she decided  to take part in this project? JCBN: As any young company that wants to launch and go to the market, you need to know what to do. After all, setting up a business is all well and good, but making it a success is even better.  So when we come to APIC, it's precisely to get the tools we need to do everything that's legal and regulatory, as well as the tools we need to be present, to perpetuate and optimize our presence on the market. The Hilltop Mail: How did you find this MTN Cameroon training? JCBN: This training, sponsored by MTNC, is very interesting because, as a young company, you go in without knowing where you'

Over 200.000 risk going jobless as MTN Cameroon bank accounts remain blocked

Going by a press statement deleivered recently in Cameroon’s economic capital – Douala, close to 200 800 direct and indirect employees and jobers with MTN Cameroon may loose their jobs. The Chief Executive Office (CEO) of the telecom giant was speaking on a case in Douala base court concerning BESTINVER and its associate companies.  “MTN CAMEROON directly employs over 800 Cameroonians and over 200,000 Cameroonians indirectly through its various partnership agreements” Mitwa Ng’ambi said  The CEO who was breaking the silence on a court matter stated that her institution has nothing to do with a “private matter between BESTINVER and its banker in South Africa.”  “It was therefore shocking for us to be brought into the matter through Cameroonian court where BESTINVER was able to obtain a court order to garnish the bank accounts of South-African-owned companies based in Cameroon, even though these companies are not directly or indirectly involved in the dispute in South Africa.” She said

Media Statement: Minister Pandor expresses concern regarding the treatment of South African businesses in Cameroon.

MEDIA STATEMENT 13 June 2023 Minister Pandor expresses concern regarding the treatment of South African businesses in Cameroon. The Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Dr Naledi Pandor Following the Official Working Visit and subsequent developments of Minister Naledi Pandor to Yaoundé, Cameroon on 14 April 2023, to promote trade between South Africa and Cameroon, the Minister expressed her commitment to building people to people as well as business to business relations between the two countries.  Notably, the visit included fruitful discussions with His Excellency Mr Lejeune Mbella Mbella, Minister of External Relations of the Republic of Cameroon. It also included paying a courtesy call on the Prime Minister, His Excellency Mr Joseph Dion Ngute.  Additionally, on the sidelines of her official visit, the Minister convened a business forum attended by companies operating in Cameroon as a step towards promoting greater business collaboration, and prosperity

The Economy does not take political, military orders

By Bakah Derick The economy is a complex system that is influenced by a multitude of factors, including government policies, global events, and consumer behavior. While political leaders may have some control over certain aspects of the economy, it is important to recognize that the economy does not take political orders. In a democratic society like this one we claim to have, it is natural for politicians to want to take credit for a strong economy and to blame their opponents for a weak one. However, this oversimplifies the reality of how the economy works. Economic growth and stability depend on a wide range of factors, including innovation, productivity, consumer confidence, and global trade. Here, nothing relating to this exits...  Furthermore, economic policies that may seem beneficial in the short term can have unintended consequences in the long term. For example, increasing government spending to stimulate the economy may lead to inflation and higher interest rates

Business: NFC Bank solidifies relationship with Client-Zeus Technology on Recreation Day

By Bakah Derick  The staff of National Financial Credit (NFC) Bank SA Bamenda branch have played a football match with one of their Client-Zeus Technology. The entertainment and relaxation fixture at upstation Bamenda on Saturday 1 April 2023 according to the Branch Manager had as objective to solidify the relationship a trusted client and also offer a recreational opportunity for the workers of her institution.  "The football match was just a friendly encounter and it was like a means of relaxation after putting many hours in our office duties." Mangwi Relidis told  Engaging as the fixture was with NFC Bank punching bellow the belt, the end point was recreation.  "We are very satisfied not only because of the match but because we had more time to interract with the entired Zeus Tech workers." The branch manager noted  Speaking at the end of the game, the Chief executive officer of Zeus Technology expressed gratitude to

PIB 2022: Babadjou-Bamenda, internal city roads tarring review unveils curious realities

By Bakah Derick   The North West regional delegate for Public Works has presented the situation of the Babadjou-Bamenda road as well as internal city roads in Bamenda. Ngwainbi Paul made the presentation in Bamenda on Tuesday 31 January 2022 during the second semester regional participatory follow-up  committee of public investments projects in the North West Region for 2022.   Public Works delegate presenting Ngwainbi Paul projects by his ministry in the region. Breaking down the Babadjou-Bamenda road down to three lots awarded to three different contractors, the state engineer indicated that the road is being done with several layers to make it solid and long lasting. Unlike previous technologies used that limited the lifespan of roads, the delegate maintained that the work on the famous Babadjou-Bamenda road will last for not fewer than 20years.  "If we add 20years to the 2023 that will be about 40years meaning that the Babadjou-Bamenda road is a road for Cameroon&#

Fuel Price Increase: Scramble in Bamenda on eve of new prices

By Bakah Derick  Car owners have been scrambling for fuel in Bamenda in the last two days following scarcity.   Photo taken at night fall in Nkwen  "I actually packed my car on Sunday because I could not get enough fuel after work on Saturday. I managed to get 15 liters and I preferred not to work that day so I could resume work this Tuesday while hoping fuel will come in." Tanwie a taxi tells Road side fuel dealers in Bamenda made fast cash this Tuesday morning as many turned to them for rescue though Tanwie swore that he cannot use road side fuel.  "I have been using this car for four years now and I can assure you that I have never put this 'fingi' (road side fuel largely imported from neighbouring Nigeria) in my car." he said  The arrival of fuel later in the afternoon forced many car owners to rush for some even with containers.  Matters seemed to have been made worst after the 5pm news on the state broadcas

2023 NW Budget Launch: Fuel Price increase imminent in February, roads prioritised

By Bakah Derick  Government sources have signaled an eminent fuel price increase across Cameroon in the month of February 2023.  Speaking at this year's launch of the the state budget for the North West Region in Bamenda on Monday 16 January 2023, the head of mission and Senior Treasury Inspector from Yaoundé  indicated that the increase of fuel prices was just a matter of time as government subsidies on fuel was not favourable for the international monetary fund (IMF) program the state is in.  Cross section of participants at the budget launch  According to Donatus Nji, the government of Cameroon is spending over 800bn FCFA annually on fuel subsidies; money which according to him could be used to develop the country. With an IMF mission in the country working with the government on modifications likely to take effect early February, the representatives of the ministry of finance at the launching  say no matter when it comes, fuel price increase is something that must h

Back to School 2022: Dumbu Fon Tours Schools, Donates Books, Pens To Orphans, IDPs

By Ignatius Nji In a bid to encourage more children to be in class and study in the new academic year, the tradition ruler of Dumbu village in Misaje SubDivision and some of his Subchiefs paid a visit to all the five primary schools and one of the secondary schools. HRM Fon Jebo Augustine Jang II took along books, pens, pencils, rulers and chalk for the teachers. HRM Fon Jebo Augustine Jang II handing books  This initiative which was appraised as very laudable given the challenging times, the Fon said it was thanks to some friends of Dumbu who put together some resources at the disposal of the Fon.  At every stop the Fon encouraged both teachers, pupils and the school authorities who were short of words in appreciation to this uncommon gesture by the Fon of Dumbu.  At the Government school Dumbu, the Headmaster complained bitterly of the dilapidated structure hosting pupils saying apart of the broken doors, the roof was giving way. He pleaded with the powers tha

Economy: Education promotion Shaa Festival celebrates resilience of Massje Women

By Ignatius Nji The 2022 editon of the Shaa Festival in Misaje subdivision in Dunga Mantung division aimed at celebrating the resilience and efforts of local women in the promotion of the economy and education in particular has ended.  Shaa festival champions celebrating    Ten selected zonal champions of the Shaa Festival converged in Misaje for the grand final on September 8, 2022. Three winners drawn from the three Clans that make up the subdivision took home  cash prizes ranging 100 000frs for the first, 75000frs for the second and 50000frs for the third place. The rest seven had conciliatory prizes of tap buckets and cups. Elvis Ndansi Founder and President of Unite for Health Foundation, the initiator and founder of the Shaa festival from faraway United States of America spoke to the Shaa women via a video call application encouraging them not to relent in their activity for it is the economic backbone of the subdivision.  For what motivated him to start the festival

Bamenda III Council: New Market goes operational

By Bakah Derick The Bamenda III Council has opened a new market in mile six Nkwen. The inaugural ceremony of the income generation facility  took place on Saturday 26 March 2022.  The market from a front view Mayor Fongu Cletus Tanwe on behalf of the council has indicated that the market will not only be for livestock but also for other items which he said is people centered and has been long over due. This has been amplified by the number of people who showed up for the inaugural.   "You can actually see that the people of this area needed the market. Though we call it a livestock market, it is a market for all goods." Mayor Fongu Cletus Tanwe told Hilltopvoices.  Community leaders, Quarter groups, Dance groups, municipal Councillors, traders and others where present at the TASS Nkwen entrance where the market is located. The municipal head for Bamenda III has expressed the hope that those who use the market get satisfaction.  Many at the