UNSCR1325: More Government structures, CSOs subscribe to CAGEAD’s Localisation Model

By Bakah Derick 

Government Structures and Civil Society organisations (CSOs) have continued to express their readiness to accompany the Center for Advocacy in Gender Equality and Action for Development (CAGEAD) in the localisation of the United National Security Council Resolution 1325 (UNSCR1325) relating to the involvement of women in the peace building process. Both old and new institutions committed to the CAGEAD localisation model during a one-day capacity building in Bamenda on Wednesday 6 July 2022. 
CAGEAD Executive Director Andiensa Clotilda introducing Women, peace and conflict 

Talking to www.hilltopvoices.com, the Executive Director of CAGEAD explained that bringing together women led civil society organisations and government officials was to let them have their own share of knowledge on the UNSCR1325 so as to facilitate the involvement of women in peace building processes. 

“We brought especially the local government authorities because they are the ones who have the key to open up the avenues for women peace builders to be able to practice their peace building.” Andiensa Clotilda said 
Amongst the government institutions present at the workshop were the Regional Council, The Bamenda City Council, The Regional representatives of the Ministries of Women’s Empowerment and the family, Small and Medium Size enterprises, Tourism, Batibo,Belo, Mbengwi, Bamenda I and III councils. 
Opening of Workshop by CAGEAD Executive Director 

“I think that participants of this meeting have been very instrumental in the workshop that we have had today and they have gained a lot of knowledge that they will go and use in their different organisations both government and civil society. The testimonies we had from communities through peace Ambassadors permitted us to know what is happening and I think that this will go a long way to build the peace we are yearning for.” Wirba Hassan, North West Regional Delegate for women’s Empower and the family said adding that,  his ministry has a national action plan to localise UNSCR1325 and other instruments promoting the women, peace and security agenda  reason why they have been standing by CAGEAD this far. 
Community Peace Ambassador sharing stories of impact from communities 

“The Bamenda City Council has a policy of open doors, I will give the feedback to the city Mayor. We are very prepared for the women and anytime they knock at our doors we will open.” Councilor Kaba Charles representative of the Bamenda City Council told www.hilltopvoices.com 
Following reflections on women, peace and conflict, International and national normative framework, community peace building, CAGEAD UNSCR1325 localisation model and thematic pillars of UNSCR1325 facilitated by specialists in the areas amongst them Barrister Tamon Olivia, Andiensa Clotilda, Lum Assumpta and Community peace Ambassadors, the participating CSOs resolved to work together with Government structures and CAGEAD to produce an advocacy plan of action. 
Barrister Tamon Olivia speaking on International and National normative framework 

“Participating in this workshop for my organization is very important to use because women with disabilities have always been marginalised and sidelined when it comes to these issues of protection and participation. Our organisation has been working on participation encouraging women with disabilities to take part in decisions that concern things about their lives. We also work in the domain of protection as you know women with disabilities are vulnerable…. Having has this knowledge from this workshop, we are going to include the sensitization on resolution 1325 in the package that we have when we are going for outreach.” Gladys Foncham, Programs Officer Community Resource Center for the Disabled and disadvantaged

Andiensa Clotilda has expressed the desire for the participants to march words with action by carrying out concrete activities on the field as their contribution to the localisation of UNSCR1325. 
Group picture of participants and facilitators at CAGEAD Workshop 

“We took the advantage to share with them our model; what CAGEAD has been doing as far as localizing UNSCR1325 which has mostly been through raising grassroots women and institutions awareness. Now they know that they can also set up community peace clubs in their communities like the CAGEAD model, they can educate their communities on any of the four pillars that fall within their scoop with the bases of using this international instrument which gives women the authority to participate effectively and now that the men because most of these positions are occupied by men, they are now better appreciative of the work that women peace builders are doing. We are looking forward to these councils and the  local government institutions to open their doors when these community peace builders will go to advocate for them to recognise them and fit them into the various peace building programs and processes that are taking place right now.” CAGEAD’s Executive Director concluded 
The just ended workshop follows that in April which focused on building the conflict resolution competences of community peace Ambassadors.  

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