Culture: Nkwen History Book "Nkwenberee" Launch date, venue announced

By Bakah Derick 

The date for the launching of the first ever history book on the Nkwen people has been announced. According to an invitation which has a copy, the launch of "Nkwenberee" authored by Muma Azehfor III will take place on Friday 22 July 2022 at the Nkwen Fon's Palace. 
Patronised by HRH Fon Azehfor III and Fongu Cletus Tanwe Mayor of Bamenda III, Nkwenberee according to the author seeks to bring to light that which is hidden in the story of the Nkwen People. 

"Following diverse opinions in analysing our cultural and traditional norms, couple with the fact that most people present issues for their personal benefits, I took upon my self within this 8 years as Muma Nfor to assemble some facts that can guide Nkwen people and reduce the level of discrepancies that always arose during certain events. I have put this in a document titled "Nkwenbere; An exposition of the cultural and traditional Norms of the Nkwen People". Muma Azehfor III noted 
Nkwenberee features: geographical background of Nkwen, history updated, traditional symbols, auxiliary to the Fon and functions, traditional celebrations (marriages, death, how to become an elder), different between the kwifor and Tekembeng, traditional shrines, 2023 traditional calendar, genealogy of Fons, main quarters and characteristics amongst others. 

After the launch in Bamenda on Friday 22 July 2022, the author hopes to proceed with the launching in other towns where the Nkwen Cultural and Development Association (NCDA) is found. 

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