Traditional Recognition: Wimbum Fons honour Jato Richard with "Shey Ngiri" title

By Bakah Derick 
Traditional rulers of the Wimbum people of Donga Mantung Division North West Cameroon have conferred the Shey Ngiri on Bamenda based media personality Jato Richard. The Fons made the  announcement at the close of the second edition of the Wimbum Cultural festival Bamenda on Sunday 5 June 2022. 

The conferment of the Shey Ngiri title on Jato Richard 

"I was very surprised with the Fons who invited me and gave me this title justifying that I have been communicating and doing a lot for the Mbum community and they have been observing so they choose to give me a title.... as a journalist I know that we go make news out of title holders. I never knew such a title will come to me." Jato Richard tells to 

Jato Richard set to receive the title 

"To get a title like this, it depends on what you have done for your people and you are recognised for your work. As you are working. Poople are watching and the people always appreciate. We know that this new Taa Shey that has been given today has worked so hard for the Wimbum people that they should be together and that is the first thing. As far as Wimbum people are concerned, the mean thing is the culture, living together and other things like the development aspects." Shey Samba Musa Nfor Prince of Nkambe tells Hilltopvoices 
Jato Richard sharing with community members after receiving the title 

"I feel honoured because the Fons have charged me to use this honour to do more for the Mbum land. That is where I put more emphasis and I will use this opportunity to express my gratitude to the entire Wimbum Community, the Fons of the 33 villages that make up the Mbum land, particularly the president of the Wimbum Fons Union and the other Sheys who will educate me on my role. With the guidance of the other Sheys I hope to use this title not for any wrong doing but for the good of my people." Jato Richard said 

The Wimbum people have several traditional titles often conferred on meritorious sons and daughters amongst them the Shey Ngiri. The official conferment of the title is always marked by the wearing of a special cap on the beneficiary. He shall be expected to wear such a cap at all times especially during gatherings of Wimbum sons and daughters and presence of the Fon. 
Jato Richard  just after receiving the new title

Jato Richard Tonga is worker with Radio Hot Cocoa Bamenda and national Public Relations officer of the Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists (CAMASEJ). He is an events host and contributor for CRTV North West flagship radio programme Press Forum. 

With the new title, he will be referred to as Ta Shey Ngiri of Mbum land nationwide