Opinion: Five (5) Reasons Why Madam Elizabeth Regina Mundi Should be Released.

Episode 1

Madam Regina Mundi, will soon be 80 years old. She might be physically strong, not on drugs, but health experts say a psychological incident can provoke severe health complications. (There could be invisible threats to her health and life.) Madam Regina Mundi is a widow, soft-spoken and very receptive, head and key pillar of a family (Nuclear and Extended) with an uncountable number of anglophone children who look up to her for brighter days.
Senator Regina Mundi 

 _Below are five (5) reasons why I think her abductors should consider and be touched to set her free;_ 

1) She Loves Bamenda (Her Hometown):
- Madam Regina Mundi, since the start of the conflict in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon have stayed consistently in her Hometown of Bamenda (Bandja Street). Many are elite of the region that can count how many days they have spent in Bamenda but Madam Regina Mundi, chose to be and interact with her people on a daily basis.

- Madam Regina Mundi, is loved by many, being one of the few persons ( Exception of Late Cardinal Tumi) whose kidnap has attracted sympathy from all and Sundry and most especially 'The Man On The Street.' We have seen  children, women very concerned about her condition and situation.

2) She is Harmless:

- Madam Regina Mundi, is not a defence nor security official in the Republic of Cameroon. She is not even in the position to command security actions like some Civil Administrators do. She has not even mastered the Senate house (in her first mandate), to say she can influence decisions at the National Assembly (not to talk of Presidency of the Republic) as many would imagine.

3) She is More of an Economist, Philanthropist than a Politician:

- Many people just know Madam Regina Mundi as a politician but she is More of an Economist than a Politician. She is graduate of "Trinity College" (Now Trinity University) in the USA.
She is one of the women (alongside Mme Anna Foncha, Mme Veronica Sangbong, Mme Helen Monju, Mme Theresa Ngu...) Who in the early 70s, pressured the government to organize farmers cooperative in the North West region plus the construction of farm to market roads. (The first was set up to market Palm Oil, and many other women groups she spearheaded have now transformed into Common Initiative Groups 'CIGs' in divers sectors)  She has directed and coordinated most, if not all the public investment projects in the North West region in her capacity as 'Regional Chairperson of the follow-up Committee for the Execution of the Public Investment Budget (PIB) for the North West.' 
- In most of her outings, she has not ceased to show sympathy and love for the growth and development of the region, as well as the well being of Anglophones (Her recent moves were pictured in Mezam Division of the North West region, where she came to the aid of women with counsels and equipment to reduce maternal mortality, including students of the University of Bamenda.)

4) The Message has been Transmitted:
- Since the start of the conflict, never has a personality of her status been kidnapped. Her abduction is thus a strong message sent across to the government of Cameroon, and I believe that the government has taken note, and as she continues to seek for solutions to the over five (5) years old conflict, the approach will henceforth be different.

- After over two weeks of keeping her, letting her go home will prove the concept that her abductors continue to show a good heart. We know when Late Cardinal Tumi was kidnapped, the goal was never to kill him but to send a message to the government of Cameroon, same with the kidnap of Ni John Fru Ndi, and other key personalities. While believing the same holds for Madam Regina Mundi,  considering that the message has gone through, her freedom will confirm the purpose of her abduction. 

5) The Struggle Will not be Affected:
- Releasing Madam Regina Mundi, might not even affect the struggle in any way. It will not stop the struggle. The belligerent parties would continue to hold claim to their respective positions until a long lasting solution is reached through a compromised action. (A Renown South African Negotiator once said, "not every negotiated deal is supposed to be known by everyone".

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(Five Reasons Why Gov't Should Hastily Broker the Release of Madam Regina Mundi)

 By Louvier Kindo Tombe,
Concerned Citizen

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