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Opinion: Five (5) Reasons Why Madam Elizabeth Regina Mundi Should be Released.

Episode 1 Madam Regina Mundi, will soon be 80 years old. She might be physically strong, not on drugs, but health experts say a psychological incident can provoke severe health complications. (There could be invisible threats to her health and life.) Madam Regina Mundi is a widow, soft-spoken and very receptive, head and key pillar of a family (Nuclear and Extended) with an uncountable number of anglophone children who look up to her for brighter days. Senator Regina Mundi   _Below are five (5) reasons why I think her abductors should consider and be touched to set her free;_  1) She Loves Bamenda (Her Hometown): - Madam Regina Mundi, since the start of the conflict in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon have stayed consistently in her Hometown of Bamenda (Bandja Street). Many are elite of the region that can count how many days they have spent in Bamenda but Madam Regina Mundi, chose to be and interact with her people on a daily basis. - Madam Regina Mundi, i