Economy: NWCA-Kola Coffee shop Mile 2 Nkwen goes operational

By Bakah Derick 

The North West Cooperative Association (NWCA) has opened a new coffee shop at the Mile 2 neighbourhood in Nkwen. The new shop where the company will serve Kola Coffee is located at Amour Mezam opposite PMI Nkwen. 
Workers display Kola Coffee 

The opening of the shop was marked by free tasting which has permitted many to taste Kola Coffee; a majority for the very first time. 

"I am a lover of Coffee and so I drink a lot. I can assure you that Kola Coffee taste unique. It is just the best. I usually leave from here to the shop at the commercial avenue to drink or buy.  I am buying one packet now but I am certain I will come back for more. I am happy that a shop is here now. I want to congratulate the management of Kola Coffee for bringing this shop here." A consumer told 
The front view of the coffee shop

The new coffee shop adds to others at the production headquarters in Mile three Nkwen and another at the NWCA building commercial avenue. 

The opening of a new Kola Coffee shop according to NWCA management is part of an ongoing campaign intended to take the product closer to the consumers.  

It also intends to promote the coffee drinking culture which according to  NWCA's marketing officer Neng Delphine, reduces the risk of diabetes type two, cancers and stress, improves brain functioning amonsgt others. 

Here are some pictures from the new shop opening event

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