NW House of Chiefs President abducted, SW Regional president cheats dead in car accident.

By Nfor Nkfu

Tuesday December 7,was a bad day for the  decentralized administrations of the Anglophone North West and South West regions. Two top of officials of the two regions were victims of two unfortunate incidents same day .
Reports say Bakoma Elango Zacheus, President of the South West regional decentralized administration was involved in a car accident at about noon December 7 around mile 4 Limbe in the South West region.The president and his driver survived the accident with minor injuries while the car was seriously damged, Hilltopvoices learnt
While the dust of the car accident was about to settle ,came another bombshell. Fon Yakum Kevin Teuvih,Vice president of the North West region and president of the North West House of Chiefs was kidnapped.

Multiple reports have it that he was picked from his palace in Bambalang by suspected Ambazonia fighters operating in the area.

Bambalang village is the base of one of the most dreaded separatist militias-"the Marines",commanded by 'General' No Pity.

A source close to the cabinet of Fon Yakum Kevin told Hilltopvoices on the strength of anonymity that Fon Yakum Kevin had descended to his village to preside over an annual cultural festival-sha'atang, which has not taken place for the past years due to the Anglophone war of independence. 

Where the traditional ruler was taken to remains unknown.No official statement from the government was noticed at the time of this report.
It should be noted that government has been singing every now then that traditional rulers in the North West and South West regions who fled their palaces due to insecurity should return for everything is back to normal.