Nso Community Bamenda: Fon of Nkwen graces development fundraising

By Nfor Nkfu

HRH Fon Azefor lll has in a rare outing given greenlight to the Nso community in his fondom to match on with their development endeavors.This was on Sunday 5th December 2021 at a fundraising ceremony organized by the Nso community in Bamenda to construct their cultural hall in Menteh-Nkwen, where Fon Azefor lll was special guest.
Fon AzehforIII of Nkwen addressing the NsoCommunity in Bamenda during the Fund raiser 

The hospitality of the people of Nkwen towards the Nso people was once more  demonstrated judging from the total support announced by the Fon of Nkwen who was accompanied to the Fund raiser by a huge delegation. 
Njang Branki welcoming Fon Azehfor III of Nkwen at the Ngaay Nso Bamenda fund rasing event 

Fon Azefor lll in a straight to the point speech  offered 50 bags of cement and put his Fondom's construction equipment at the disposal of the Nso people for the realization of the project.

Together with his princes, a huge financial package was also doled out with a special royal basket  for an on the spot fundraising in support of the multi-purpose cultural hall project.
Arrival of Fon Azehfor III of Nkwen at the Ngaay Nso fund raising event 

The big announcement so far was the green light for the construction of a permanent residence for the Fon Of Nso-a long time wish of Nso kindreds in Bamenda.