October 1: fear of the unknown keeps even gamblers off Bamenda's streets

By Bakah Derick

For the last four days, the highest gathering on Bamenda's streets has been groups of gamblers or stakers as they will like to be called but that was not the case this Friday 1 October 2021. 

From Foncha junction to city chemist, where they usual form small clusters of five and above with papers belonging to betting companies, they could not be seen. 

Like the gamblers, vegetable and fruit sellers didn't show up. The streets were empty. 

They, prayer groups like Muslims and morning masses  were the only groups that violated the decision of local administrative officers banning any form of gathering without 

This is however not an unusual occurrence, for several years now, October 1 has not been a day like other in the NW region as separatists battle for the actualisation of a country they call the Republic of Ambazonia from the British Southern Southern Cameroon which gained independence on this day. 

Bamenda town has been quiet. An helicopter flow across the city by midday. No Guns nor march pass  have been accepted

The city is expected to open on Saturday or Sunday to it's dirt littered streets as the activist imposed lockdown comes to a close ..