Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram: "Innocent" government accused of shutdown

By Bakah Derick

Many have accused the government of Cameroon for shouting down internet services. According to many in Bamenda, the non availability of the messaging application WhatsApp was intentionally shutdown by government to abort any plans to organise a protest or plans to stage any form of civil disobedience during the Prime Minister's visit to the region. 
"These people are really mad. How can they shutdown internet simply because the PM is coming here. What will it change funny people." Kingsley said angrily after discovering that he could no longer use the social media platform. 

Told that other internet services were available, he said "they have selected to block only WhatsApp because they think it will be used to organise lockdown. It is a shame. We know already." He added. 

Like Kingsley, many have wrongly accused government for shouting down the social media platform including Facebook and Instagram. 

Facebook that owns the applications has admitted they have witnessed a challenge. They have not said how soon this could be fixed. 

With his friends, they could be heard accusing the government for repeating what happened in 2017. Internet was shutdown for close to two months in 2017 at the early age of the now five years old anglophone crisis turned armed conflict. 

The prime Minister is expected in Bamenda on Tuesday October 5. He will be in the region for three days during which he will hold public meetings and grant audiences.