Cybersecurity: ANTIC trains NW teachers in the face of surging Cybercrime

By Bakah Derick 

The National Agency for Information and Communication Technologies (ANTIC) has ended a three-day training seminar in Bamenda. The seminar for Secondary Schools and University Teachers that took place from October 27-29 2021, focused on the theme "teachers, vectors of cybersecurity best practices for an enlightened youth.
Participants at the Bamenda seminar 

For three days, the teachers mostly of ICT reflected on several modules with them aim of finding a solution to the surging of Cybercrime in schools across the region. Talking to Hilltopvoices after day one of the seminar, Ngwang Roland Yuven North-West Regional delegate for Secondary education admitted that the ANTIC training was timely as many students and youths in the region are now engaging in Cybercrime. 

"It is a problem that is real amongst our youth and students are not left out. We have been able to identify areas where they are getting involve which are not good. You find some of them use phones, use cyberspace to get involve in scamming activities and some of them use that space to commit activities that go to put stress and streal on their peers students and on their teachers and you find students teachers victimised because youths with ideas that are strange are using the facilities the wrong way" he said
Experts in the area during the seminar featured several modules amongst them general concepts on cybercrime, legal framework and human rights, privacy and data protection, digital forensics and cybercrime, ICTs for education and challenges in the COVID-19 era."  

Closing the seminar this Friday October 29, 2021, the Regional Manager for ANTIC Ngwang Yufenyuy Landry speling for the General Manager Ebot Ebot Enaw expressed satisfaction with the general conduct of the participants expressing hope that after the knowledge gained from the training, the teachers at their levels will contribute to the resilience of the Cameroonian cyberspace and enabling the ICT sector to fully play its role in Cameroon's socio-economic development agenda. 

Created in April 2002, ANTIC's Bamenda seminar falls in line with her mission of securing national cyberspace. 

With over 68000 vulnerable systems easy for exploitation by cyber criminals identified and managed, over 33000 fake Facebook accounts closed, 29 accounts and pages verified, over 2050 complains treated, successful distribution of bimonthly security bulletins and securing of state applications, ANTIC now hopes that the trained teachers will transmit to the youth main users of ICT beat practices to stay online.