Anglophone Crisis: WFP director weeps for the Masses.

By Nfor Nkfu

Chris Nikoi, regional director of World Food Programme for central and west Africa has paid a working visit to the North West region of Cameroon where the humanitarian agency is providing relief support to victims of the near five-year long running Anglophone separatist conflict.The visit,thursday October 21,2021 provided an opportunity for the visiting WFP official to assess ground work with local partners and  get first hand experineces of beneficiaries.
Stop overs were made at the various distribution centers which include Bayelle Catholic Church, Presbyterian Church Ntaghem and WFP's warehouse in mile 4 Nkwen.

"I am very impressed with WFP operations and the response to the needs on ground",Chris Nikoi told hilltopvoices  at the end of the visit.

He also added that, "I am super happy and proud of our partners.Listening to all of them today I felt that we have really competent, hardworking and committed partners".
However,the WFP West and central Africa boss regretted the pain incurred by the local population in the conflict.

"I was very touched by the stories of beneficiaries we met today-very sad experiences", the WFP official noted.

"It is very clear that this crisis has completely turned upside down the livelihoods of people.I can't help thinking about the women and men, and their stories about farms being touched",Chris Nikoi observed.
Other than food, the more than 200,000 beneficiaries of WFP in North West region also receive a monthly cash support , which according to testimonies obtained by WFP assist them in sending their children to school.

In appreciation ,Rev Kekuntang Simon thanked WFP for the good job serving the lives of many. He tasked WFP to use her connections to push for an end to the ongoing crisis .
"What the World Food programme is doing is actually sustaining many lives.Imagine somebody who was at home cultivating food and suddenly finds him/herself in a strange environment with nothing to live on", said Rev Kekuntang Simon, Pastor of Presbyterian Church Ntaghem,host of one of WFP's distribution centers in the region.
"We also pray that as those who are placed up there and interact with these big organisations in the world,it will be good that we seek a solutions to this problem we are facing",Rev Kekuntang emphasised.

It should be noted that the WFP is assisted in her humanitarian action in the North West region by LUKMEF, a local non governmental organization.

Chris Nikoi was accompanied during the visit by Wanja Kaaria,WFP country representative in Cameroon and Tonju Ngewi,head of office of LUKMEF a local partner organization managing WFP warehouse and overseeing distribution in the region.