Sultan Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya passes on: NW Fons console Bamoun Royal Family

By Bakah Derick

The President of the North West House of Chiefs has sent words of condolence to the Bamoun Royal family. The message contained in a press release by H.R.M Fon Yakum Kevin extends the condolences of not only the House of Chiefs but also of the Fons of the North West Region. 

"The President of North West House of Chiefs, H.R.M. Fon Yakum Kevin Teuvih on behalf of North West House of Chiefs, on behalfof the Fons of North West Region and on his personal behalf, expresses his heartfelt condolences to the Senate, People of the Bamouns and to the Bamoun Royal Family following the surprised disappearance of Sultan Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya." Fon Yakum writes 

The leader of the House of Chiefs also highlights the relationship between the region and the departed Sultan

"Sultan Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya was a source of inspiration to all and served as a mentor to many traditional rulers. I remember him as a father to whom I ran for counsel in diverse areas. His disappearance is a great loss to the country and will be greatly missed by traditional rulers of the North West Region." The President notes 

The Sultan of the Bamouns passed on in Paris France on Monday 27 September 2021. At 84, the Monarch has left a grieving Bamoun community that emptied it's self onto the streets and the palace courtyard after the information was made public. 

The cultural affairs officer at the Sultanate Nchare described the passing on as darkness falling over the kingdom. 

Interment details are still not clear. 

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