National Interpools 2020/2021: The fights that almost runined the feast for Fans

By Bakah Derick in Bandjoun

The hate speech fight

As was expected, the tension during matches in Pool C started on the first day. Just shortly after the Riziere de Tonga against Rangers FC Bafut started, a group of supporters on the right side of the Fotso Victor Stadium in Bandjoun started exchanging blows. 
Picture of the pitch as Rangers FC celebrated 

First it was a tall lanky fellow who dived off his seat headbutting an elderly man with a black round traditional cap to the floor. Then a man in lemon green shirt came in to questioned why the headbutting and before the response could come fists could be seen flying all over the place. 

While those who wanted to stop the fight went to work, it emerged from the crowd that one of the spectators had been called an Ambazonian. We could not put a finger on who could have made the pronouncement but this didn't go down well with those who were given the appellation. One would have expected that this be treated as football fans talk unfortunately it was not the case as many suffered several punches before the intervention of the forces of law and order. The fight was brief with everything returned to normalcy as tension increased on the pitch with interesting countered offensives from both sides. 

"Surely it was the first time for those who felt hurt by the appellation. For those of us who go round this country following football even before this crisis started it was common to hear those things. They called various names including things like Biafra but we took that to be fans and supporter's talk." Saafeh Jones a Bafouussam resident and football supporter remarked 

The disgruntled supporters 

As this subsided, the fight will later continue in the tribune this time verbal. It was the fight between fractions of Riziere de Tonga supporters. According to the first faction that decided to declare support for Rangers FC at the detriment of their own club, their club is from Fombot in the Noun Division but unfortunately was presented during the Interpools as a team from Tonga. This angered them enough to switch loyalty. Throughout the game, they fired insults to those who elected to remain loyal despite the change in  place of origin. Though in their majority, they were over powered by the decamped supporters and as nature will have it, Rangers FC Bafut humbled the home team before their very own fans 0-2. 

The decamped fans seemingly didn't want things to go that way was they left the stadium in unusual silence. Watching them walk out, someone joked "these guys are surely wondering g how they will stay in Fombot after such open declaration of loyalty for Rangers FC. 
Why the fights should be normal 
Being neighbours, football supporters from the West Region usually support North West teams and vice versa but when teams from both regions have to meet, it is always more of a battle off the pitch. Conf YOSA, PWD vs Bamboutos fixtures. 

Looking forward 

More tension is expected on Wednesday when Riziere de Tonga takes on  Best Stars Academy in their last game of the competition. With their chances now hanging on the balance all will need to be done to grab a victory  before hoping on any outcome from the Best Stars Academy vs Rangers FC Bafut fixtures on  Saturday. 

Mindful of the hunger for an Elite II team in the the South West region, getting a win will be a herculean task. Fans are aware and certainly will want to contribute their quarter to push their team to victory.