Cameroon Armed Conflict: Traders caught between Gov't , separatist standoff in Ndop

By Nfor Nkfu

Traders in Ndop, headquarters of Ngoketunja division of the North West region have been lamenting following the destruction of their market items by alleged government soldiers.

In a viral amateur video that emerged Wednesday May 12th, armed men in military fatigue are seen scattering and destroying goods displayed near the road by traders.

"No no no this is bad, this is dangerous. My things are all destroyed" a trader is overhead lamenting in the video.

No reason was advanced at the seen for such an act. However, underground sources say, local authorities of Ndop carried out the act in a bid to force traders return to the market and continue doing business there. The source adds that Separatist Fighters in the area had sealed Ndop market three months ago warning bitterly against anyone who violate the other.

The sealing of the market pushed traders to move close to the road where they have been selling for the past three months.

Tongues are now wagging in Ndop as traders wallow in the wilderness.

"Separatists don't want us in the market and the government don't want us near the road. where do we go? a trader in Ndop who opted not to be named lamented.

The local population continue to pay a heavy price in the armed conflict that has engulfed the North West and South West regions of Cameroon for years. Their pain is amplified by the government and Separatists.