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North West Cameroon: Remarkable Cultures II-The Kom People

The people, unique in more ways represent a widely respected cultural group in the North West Region of Cameroon. From laikom, seat of the Fon and traditional administration, instructions come with unmatched authority and so are they respected and implemented. Believed to be guided and protected by the gods, the Fon's pronouncement on any subject becomes policy.

North West Cameroon: Remarkable Cultures I- The Nso People

They own, and with pride, use Lamnso (language of Nso) anywhere they are found. They are from the grassfields of Cameroon, with capital being Kimbo (or today known as Kumbo), the Nso People have a rare structured traditional administrative setup, with the Fon at the summit; then there are the   Vibai, aShufai, aYaa, aFai, aShey, etc.  Yeeh Ngwerong  The very religious people give uncommon value to their traditional beliefs, yet are so attached to Christianity and Islam, the two main religions apart from the traditional practices. Even the most learned of them all would always go back home to identify with their roots, either to pay allegiance to the throne of the tribe, occupied by an "immortal" being, called the Fon; according to the cultural belief, the never dies.    Many would also return home just to be and identify with the people during cultural events. Ngam-Ngonnso’ is the melting pot of Nso culture and traditions. It is a week during which the peoole communinion with

Bamenda III Council: 1000 persons to received monthly financial aid

The Bamenda III Subdivisional Council has announce financial suport for some 1000 persons in the municipality. The announcement was made Tuesday August 25, 2020 during a meeting between the Mayor of the Council area and some community collaborators to discuss the way forward for the project.

Save The Crown: The Colbert Factor-Benchmarking Royal Succession in Africa and Democracy:Case Study! The Muketes

The Colbert Factor How the Smooth Transition from Mukete Snr to Mukete Jnr Reignites Ages-Old Debate on Africanized Democracy This reflection is inspired by the fact that despite mounting jurisprudential evidence to the effect that chiefs, monarchs, and even supposedly democratically elected leaders across the African continent would want to stay in power till death do them part, even when they are found grossly wanting in leadership, the Mukete royal family, and by extension, the Bafaws of South West Cameroon recently stood out as the shining city on the hill, with centenarian Mukete willingly abdicating the throne for quinquentinarian Mukete to take over.

Bamenda-Cameroon: Black Swagger

We are not a place. We are not a race. We are not a state. We a feeling.  That feeling of hope , that feeling of peace, that feeling of originality. That feeling of Love . We are Black Swagger Poetry Slam. We celebrate this fifth year with you. Thank you for loving this show #BSPS2020

Dream Of Becoming A Counselor?

 Finally your dream of becoming a Counselor is about to be birth. If you have been dreaming of becoming a Relationship & Marriage Counselor & never knew where to start, this is your starting point.  You first of all need to give birth to that dream of counseling by understanding the field of counseling, let it start like a baby, and you grow it into an adult (Professional level). You will be given basic training that can help you start off your counseling dream while you look forward to go professional. 

Humanitarian Services: NGOs with unmatched actions in the North West Region

This is one of the most vibrant sectors in the North West Region NWR. According to one of our consultants, people from the NWR are generally result and society impact oriented  reason why many engage in activities aimed creating an impact in their communities. Non Governmental Organisations in the North West Region

Bamenda Showbiz: Black Swagger alive 5yrs on despite missing state support, crises

Black Swagger Poetry Slam is five years old. The non-traditional poetry event which is becoming a pacesetter  in the country  postulates that blackness is not an occasion for crying but a strong clarion call to standup, stand out and be proud.

Bamenda Showbiz: Luzuriant Voices that make NW music distinct

Music is an element of distinction for the North West Region from other regions of Cameroon. Conceived from the many cultural and ethnic groups that make up the region, NW music as it is often refered to in Cameroon has witnessed an unprecedented evolution.

Bamenda Fashion Design: Top faces behind the rich mix in Bamenda

In Cameroon, Bamenda is one city where fashion designing blossoms. The variety of colours and designs emerging from different traditional backgrounds constitutes a huge fountain of inspiration for the many who have transformed the sector to a pleasant discovery to those who visit the city of Bamenda.

Cameroon Photography: Unique eyes on the view finder in Bamenda

In the regional headquarters of the North West Region of Cameroon, photography is one profession that puts food on the table of over 300 families. In their quest to make a name and acquire something finally substantial, they have to do all. It will not be strange to see a photographer  doing the photo snapping and video recording at the same time. 

Emcees & Event Hosts: Top-notch in Bamenda

By Bakah Derick   Though young as the entertainment industry may seem in the city of Bamenda which we now call "city of justice and peace", a good number of persons have  emerged over time as superb masters of ceremonies and event host you will surely want to have at your wedding or public event. 

Humanitarian Service: Plan International uplifts Merfobe

Over 50 children and families have received  non food items NFIs, WASH/dignity kits and nutritional support in Meforbe community, Mezam division of the North West Region. The kits made up of soap, face masks, petroleum jelly (Vaseline), sanitary pads, tooth paste and brush, towels, pants, loin cloths while the 12 host families received cooking pots, frying pans, eating spoons and forks, plastic buckets, rice, soya beans, palm oil, vegetable and palm oil, sugar, beverages, beans and crayfish were handed at the close of July 2020.