Cameroon Photography: Unique eyes on the view finder in Bamenda

In the regional headquarters of the North West Region of Cameroon, photography is one profession that puts food on the table of over 300 families. In their quest to make a name and acquire something finally substantial, they have to do all. It will not be strange to see a photographer  doing the photo snapping and video recording at the same time. 

They multitask yet produce great images that only puts them at the top of their game. From weddings, funerals, anniversaries, administrative and official events, you will find our photographers trying to pick the best. Here are a few selected photographers you will certainly not want to miss their services if you touch downtown Bamenda. 

Chin Frederick 

He is the owner of Fred Photos. A popular photographer located at Foncha junction Nkwen Bamenda. Over the years, Fred Photos has been branded both verbally and in the media as one of the most successful photographers in the city of Bamenda. He is known by all for work quality and his standards. The gentleman of Nso extraction is a fulfilled photographer with standards. He is said to have receive formal photography training in Germany and can boast of the most sophisticated photography equipment in town. He has not only stayed in photography but has added several aspects to his work including canopy and chairs rentals that makes his place a one stop shop for event organisers. 

Ashu Peter

Proprietor of Ashu Photos and video production studios at centrebolt in Nkwen, Ashu fondly called Papa Wemba has established himself in his Nkwen community as the last bus stop for all in need of photography services. Very well known in local churches and traditional or administrative events in Bamenda III subdivision, one will quickly conclude that the entire subdivision belongs to him. Many photographers fight hard to get jobs in this community because of Ashu's popularity. His photographer friends and colleagues have named him landlord... However if you want to check out the result of his eye on the view finder then visiting homes in Nkwen will not be a bad idea. His works are present in almost every home. He is a time and duty conscious photographer who carries himself with pride for what he does for a living and has much to show for it. 

Musi Waa

The award winning photographer and teacher of photojournalism has been nicknamed the image hunter. His eye for nature photography and unexpected or especial photos has earned him the recognition.  The founder of MUSINASH Enterprise is well travelled and experienced with the production of documentaries and films as part of his passion. Belonging to national and international photographers and film makers structures, Musi Waa can be rightfully credited for transforming the photography sector to a profession in the city of Bamenda. President of Cameroon media Initiative CMI,  Waa is a frontline member of many media structures. He is mostly used by NGOs and film makers for his photography tech savvy and fine eye on the view finder. He will do ceremonies but believes in quality and not just dead images. He is the promoter of the online TV Waka Afrika. 

Nfor Abduraman

Trained in Dubai as a professional video editor, Abdurahaman Nfor runs a photo and video production studio at Ghana street Nkwen called Mirror Entertainment. With both photography,  videography and editing skills coupled with his love for standards, Abdurahaman Nfor has planted himself as a reliable destination for those in need of his service. Honest and time concious, Nfor will not give you a programme and fail to respect. That is not in his nature. He has earned respect from his customers over time building unrivaled trust. He is a documentary producer and collaborator with many media outlets amongst them the CRTV and 

Faro Dollars

We have only known him as Faro Dollar or Noel. He is promoter of Blue Zone Images Ghana street Nkwen Bamenda. Young and talented, Noel has added to his photography skills image editing and graphic design abilities. Pictures that emerge from Blue Zone Images have no common match. They are procesed with the latest image software's keeping quality and colour. He is amongst the few photographers to try drone photography in the city. He has transformed Blue Zone Images to an image processing center mounting it on badges and t-shirts for funerals and other events. His dynamism and easy going nature is a whole plus for him. You will surely love his service delivery if you try him. 

Alindo Elvis


This is another photography in Bamenda whose style and approach has outclassed many of his competitors. His desire to deliver story telling pictures has moved him from the pack of lots. His rapidity and duty consciousness are values everyone will need from a service provider. He delivers when expected with great quality. 



Allow me use a picture of him and his wife. Happily married to a journalist which we believe is partly the reason behind his success, Asanji ranks himself amongst the elite photographers class in the city. Decent in outfit, Asanji has transform the venue for every job he is called to do as his office. He ensures that his hirers do not feel embarrassed by his presentation. He has a liking for the most sophisticated gadgets in the Industry. Time conscious with a strong eye on the view finder, Asanji is the man for every situation. 

We have a good number battling to establish themselves. Amongst the elite but for now these are the few we can recommend. 

By Bakah Derick