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North West Cameroon: Remarkable Cultures II-The Kom People

The people, unique in more ways represent a widely respected cultural group in the North West Region of Cameroon. From laikom, seat of the Fon and traditional administration, instructions come with unmatched authority and so are they respected and implemented. Believed to be guided and protected by the gods, the Fon's pronouncement on any subject becomes policy.


Their patriarchal nature which makes polygamy a measuring rode for success and the matrilineal succession (meaning lineage follows the side of the mother and not the father) makes the Kom people a lot more different from many peoples in the region and even Cameroon in general. The people of Fon Ndzi Clement II, cherish the Njang, Fimbang(royal dance) and Chong, dances which are unique in style and rhythm.


The dala(traditional gown) is the traditional outfit of the Kom people with flat rounded top cap made of thread called the fyndam.


Driving to Kom from Bamenda capital of the North West Region is such a refreshing experience. Its great landscape with uncommon features of undulating hills and running water from them like Rivers Moughom and Nkoiniand the gigantic Boyo hill keeps you stunned with nature’s beauty throughout the journey from Mbingo, gate way to kom through Belo, Njinikom to Fundong.



The mixed pasture, activities of pastoralists and farmers create such a beautiful picture to behold.kom host a greater part of the Ijim mountain forest, one of the worlds existing virgin forests rich in flora and fauna Visiting Kom has never been a bad idea as you will certainly have the luxury of being served corn fufu huckleberry and stewed chiken (abain-ne-mbas) or see the historic Afo-a-Kom stature.



kom is ruled by a paramount fon assisted by second and third class chiefs as well as the quarters heads all serving as auxiliaries of administration. Kom fondom comprises three sub divisions, Belo, Njninikom and fundong with nine other autonomous fondoms that all pay allegiance to the fon of kom like Akeh, Mbessa, Mejang, Mbueni, Ajung… to name but these


Welcome to Kom Country.


By Bakah Derick

With Editorial Support from Ngong Song Jean Marie

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