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Like Rohingya Refugees, Like Anglophone Cameroonians

This reflection is inspired by the fact that unlike refugees who flee their countries because of sectarian or ethnic conflicts, Rohingya refugees just like Anglophone Cameroonian refugees fled their respective countries because of the rampaging actions of government forces.

26 Aug 2018: Now, an app to rent boyfriends and 'cure' depression

A new app called Rent A Boy|Friend was launched in Mumbai and Pune on Friday with a motive to fight depression.

Religion and mental health

Clergy not prepared to meet congregations' mental health needs

When we have mental health crises, are our schools, churches or doctors offices prepared?

From   On one of his more challenging days, Johnathan refused to get on the school bus.  He threw chairs and ran away from the teachers, fleeing to hide under a table at his elementary school.

Bamenda’s poetry show Black Swagger fetes three

Bamenda’s lead poetry show Black Swagger has celebrated three years of existence. The 3 rd anniversary event took place in Bamenda Sunday August 26 under the theme “Africa.”

Ex-Vatican envoy urges Pope Francis to resign over abuse case

Archbishop levels 'extraordinary' allegations as Catholic Church leader visits Ireland and 'begs for God's forgiveness'.

Pope Francis tells Ireland sex abuse scandals brought 'pain and shame' to Catholics, vows 'stringent' changes

Pope Francis on Saturday vowed to adopt “stringent” measures to rid a crisis-convulsed Catholic Church of the “pain and shame” caused by decades of sexual abuse and its tolerance by clerical authorities.

Bamenda Bishops speak on Current crisis in NW/SW : Full text Here


Girls Leadership Boot Camp Bamenda; All is set

Count down to the 2018 edition of our Girls Leadership Boot camp!!

Bamenda’s Lead poetry show Black Swagger clocks three with grant event Sunday

Bamenda’s lead poetry show Black Swagger will on Sunday August 26 celebrate three years of existence.

Chilli Wawaye on Stage in Douala

Cameroon's Music sensation Fonyuy Claudette Mbinkar who goes by the Artistic name Chilli Wawaye will be on stage this Thursday August 24 in Douala.

NFF Crisis: FIFA releases statement on Nigeria

The world football governing body, FIFA, has officially responded to claims by the Nigerian government about its correspondences pertaining to the Nigeria Football Federation crisis.

World leaders react to Kofi Annan's death

Source: Al Jazeera Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, the first black person to head the organisation, died in the Swiss city of Bern after a short illness.

Cameroon: More killings expected in NW/SW as government declare “no retreats no surrender”

Hopes for an end to the ongoing shootings and killings in the Northwest and Southwest regions soon seems to be fading away as government announces tougher times for armed groups.

Bamenda: Minister Mbayu Felix celebrates mother, empowers children ahead of school resumption

The Minister Delegate at the Ministry of External Relations in charge of Cooperation with the Common World has staged an uncommon memorial for the mother in Bamenda.

Persons with Disabilities empowered in Bamenda III Sub division

By Ngenwie Seraphine  Close to 40 persons living with disabilities PWDs within the Bamenda III Sub divisional Council have received some life support assistance.

Al Moubarack Herbal Clinic; providing affordable lifesaving treatments

From time immemorial, the controversy between the use of modern medicine and herbal, natural or indigenous medicine has given rise to many debate topics around the world.

Bamenda, Cameroon. In search for a solution of the Anglophone problem, Bamenda Archbishop Appeals for more prayers

From Bakah Derick in Bamenda  A letter from the Archbishop and Auxiliary Bishop of Bamenda has been read to Roman Catholic faithful requesting prayers for dialogue and a peaceful solution of the Anglophone problem.

CBC Health Services dedicates Bafoussam Health Center “tower”

By Bakah Derick in Bafoussam The Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services CBCHS has dedicated a new building to house services of the Bafoussam Baptist Health Center popularly referred to as Mbingo Annex.

CAMGEW wins 2018 Cameroon Energy Globe Award for Kilum-Ijim forest conservation

By Bakah Derick in Bamenda Cameroon Gender and Environment Watch (CAMGEW) has emerge winner of the 2018 Cameroon Energy Globe Award.

The father-daughter team tackling teen pregnancy

This father-daughter duo knows that open discussions, education and sexual health services are all essential to reducing teenage pregnancy.

It takes a village: ending FGM by creating new rituals

Rural communities in Guinea are creating new rituals that bring together the whole community with the aim of abolishing female genital mutilation (FGM) - for good.

Cameroon Decides 2018: Youths urged to vote for candidates with internet protection manifestos

By Bakah Derick in Bamenda  Youths online in Cameroon have been urged to stake their votes for any candidate for the October 7 Presidential Elections “depending on the interest and clear commitment   they make to promoting Internet access, free speech online, privacy and data protection.”

CBC Education Department takes giant leap towards inclusion in schools

By Ngenwie Seraphine in Bamenda  The Education Department of the Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBCED) has taken what can be described as a giant leap towards ensuring effective inclusion in educational institutions.

Newly Promoted PWD Bamenda appeals for stadium in Abakwa town

By Bakah Derick in Bamenda  Officials of PWD Social Football Club of Bamenda have presented the need for improved infrastructure particularly a stadium as the most important form of support the administration of the Northwest region can give them.

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