From time immemorial, the controversy between the use of modern medicine and herbal, natural or indigenous medicine has given rise to many debate topics around the world.


Most of the debates which build around issues of methodology, sanitary conditions, training, scientific base and others seem not to be going away soon because till date the divide still stands with many believing that they can only get effective treatment from either modern medicine or Herbal Medicine. 

The blame seem to have been placed on the shoulders of the Herbalists who are considered not trained, speculative, lack a scientific base, work in dirty environments and so on. 

Today however, those who seem to be bridging the gap are those who are practicing in each of the sectors but considering the other as a partner and not a rival because many still find remedy in the medications received from both setups.
As part of those working to bridge the gap, Al Moubarack Naturalist Clinic Chief medical consultant who prefers to be referred to as Dr Moubarack says he has worked hard to receive the right training and inspiration for his work which has earned him and his clinic several recognition as a practitioner of modern herbal medicine. 

With most of the herbs prepared in the clinic in unquestionable hygienic conditions, Dr Moubarack presents a tidied clinic with a setup that moves from properly cleaned and equipped waiting room, via the consultation room, then the medicine stores (herbal pharmacy)  and other apartments. 

He assures me that like any other practitioner, he depends on the details from the patients but when they are not clear he orders for a laboratory test before proceeding with drug administration. 

With his herbal medicines, he provides treatment for several illnesses amongst them sexually transmissible infections like Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Genital Herpes etc. he also admits the treatment of infections like hemorrhoids, Rheumatism, Yeast cell and others. 

By our reading, giving the Al Moubarack Naturalist Clinic a try is not a bad idea.
They have Clinics around Cameroon in Bafia, Bamenda, Ndop, Nkambe etc. 

They will respond to you on the telephone number +237 6 77 24 83 88
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

Bakah Derick is a Broadcast Presenter and Multimedia specialist with focus on sharing with the rest of the world the daily happenings in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. You can contact us on +237 675460750 or

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