Hopes for an end to the ongoing shootings and killings in the Northwest and Southwest regions soon seems to be fading away as government announces tougher times for armed groups.

Speaking in Bamenda Sunday August 19, the Minister of Territorial Administration stated that the “pockets of resistance” in the Regions will soon be “neutralized.” According to Atanga Nji Paul who is on a special assignment to the NW region on the instructions of the Head of State, the “terrorists and armed robbers” who have attacked Cameroon and are using “hunting guns” cannot stand the state security which has so far been “very professional” in the discharge of their duties.
Security meeting between MINTA and NW Administrative and Security Officials
During a security meeting to evaluate the security situation in the Northwest, the interior minister urged those in the bushes to “lay down their weapons and report themselves” to the closest security post for “justice to take its course.” Atanga Nji further notes that there is “no future in the bushes” for those who have taken arms against state because the security forces will soon get them.

On the October 7 Presidential elections, the Minister is categorical “there will be elections in the NW region.” He has also transmitted the words of encouragement and instructions from the Head of State to the administrative and security authorities in the region for the work they have been doing for the last two years and for them to accompany Elections Cameroon (ELECAM) for a hitch free organization of elections in region. The minister expects the security to “give ELECAM logistics and security” support to make sure they do their work as assigned to them by the Head of State.

On back to School, Minister Nji Paul urged parents to tell their children in bushes to come out because “they have to be in schools not bushes.”

The declarations by the Minister come at the time activists for the Republic of Ambazonia have met in the United States to strategize for the future and actions to ensure continuous civil disobedience as has been the case for the last two years. According to the meeting’s resolutions which have been circulating on social media, they are still prepared to prevent school resumption come September 2018 and to stage a protest on the 7th of October which is Election Day.

The likelihood is that these envisaged plans will not go without the loss of lives from past experiences and the robust state security apparatus promised by the interior minister which will obviously lead to more killings.
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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