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The Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services CBCHS has dedicated a new building to house services of the Bafoussam Baptist Health Center popularly referred to as Mbingo Annex.
The giant building described as both a spiritual and physical tower was dedicated Friday August 10 during a high profile event in Bafoussam.

In a dedication devotion, Rev Ngalla Godlove Administrative assistant to the Executive President of the CBC with inspiration from the Biblical book of Proverbs likened the imposing structure to the word of God presented as a tower into which many can run to in times of need to seek refuge. “The word of God like the building provides refuge….. you will receive treatment in the name of the Lord….the name that saves.” The representative of the Executive President said.
The Mayor of the Bafoussam I Council Jules Hilaire FOCKA FOCKA described the building as a source of joy to the inhabitants of his municipality. Being a Medical Doctor by training, the Mayor disclosed that during an inspection visit to the building by Health and Administrative authorities of the West Region, it was satisfactorily concluded that the new structure fulfilled all laid down technical specifications. Dr Jules Hilaire FOCKA FOCKA assured the CBCHS of the effective use of this structure by the people of Bafoussam and beyond. 
Cross section of dignitaries
 As if to respond to a worry raised by the Mayor on the need for resident Doctors, The Director of CBCHS in his address presented the staff strength of the facility which has grown from eight in September 1999 at creation to 155 today with at least three resident Medical Doctors. With over 44000 patients received annually now, Prof Tih Pius Muffi considers this growth a confirmation of quality services and expresses the hope that the facility will soon gain the status of a hospital. The CBCHS Director Prof Tih Pius Muffi used the Dedication event to extern words of gratitude to the French Development Agency FDA for accepting to sponsor the construction of nine ultramodern in CBCHS facilities across Cameroon. Being a facility of the CBCHS with the motor “Quality Healthcare for all”, Prof Tih Pius Muffi invited the population of Bafoussam in particular, West region in General and elsewhere to make proper use of new building and the services therein.
Cutting of Ribon

Prior to cutting the symbolic ribbon to officially open the building, the Inspector General at the West Governor’s Office Adrey Epente Tazeu said “the managing staff and Medical Team of the Bafoussam Baptist Health Center I am proud you. The government of the republic of Cameroon is proud of you. I count on your legendary dynamism and professionalism to contribute at your level in the domain of healthcare provision to the success of the two major events that our region s called to host in the near future; notably Dixiades 2018 and 2019 Total Cameroon African Cup of Nation. The place of the amelioration of the working condition of the staff both technically and qualitatively as earlier mentioned has been a permanent endeavor so as to help maintain and upgrade your health establishment in a domain that involves health barely gives no room for mediocrity.” The representative of the Governor decribed the Bafoussam Baptist Health Center as a “perfect milieu of living together where everyone “live and work in harmony and fraternity like children of God.” He urged users of the facility to use and pay bills as they benefit from the God guided services as he reminded everyone of the status of the CBCHS Bafussam Health Center saying “permit me remind you that Bafoussam Health Center is not just an ordinary health structure. You are a Christian Healthcare structure where medical personnel are just an instrument of God...... I call on you to pray more than even before for the patients who knock at your door. Pray for our region and pray for Cameroon.”
The mobility inclusive new five levels building with 100rooms which will now allow for the Health center to open for 24/7 will be expected to host services such as General Consultations, Family Planning, PMTC/HIV Care and Treatment, X-ray and Ultrasound, Antenatal care and Maternity, Surgical services, Community Based Rehabilitation etc. 
Dedication of staff

The event that was also witnessed amongst others  by Chairman of the CBC Njong John, The SDO for the Mifi, The Government Delegate for Bafoussam also gave room for the installation of the a new Administrator Fambombi Dickson and Supervisor of Nursing Services Kibang Eric Nkwain of Mbingo Annex Bafoussam.
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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