YOSA FC Bamenda sends message to dubious footballers: detains UMS Attacker Vidal Ayuk Tabi

By Bakah Derick in Bamenda 

Bamenda based Elite One football team Yong Sports Academy YOSA has accused an attacker with UMS of Loum of stealing by false pretenses.
The accusations according to YOSA FC authorities  is due to the player’s refusal  to play for the  Bamenda based team after receiving money from the club at the start of the season.
UMS of Loum with Vidal Ayuk in circle
 The “fugitive” player who is currently detained at the Bamenda Central Police station was seized from his club last Sunday by supporters of YOSA after their club suffered a 0-1 defeat by UMS of Loum club of the striker. The supporters who pounced on the player received several weeps and kicks from the police who probably thought that YOSA FC supporters were expressing their frustration after the home defeat but from what we gathered from YOSA FC supporters, it was a simple way to send a message to dubious players who find pleasure in collecting money from several clubs and to get back their money. 
The player who was ferried under very tight security from the YOSA FC Stadium in Njenefor Nkwen to his current detention cell kept his colleagues of UMS of Loum in Bamenda till 11pm Sunday after failed negotiations to reach a deal with YOSA FC authorities. 
While at the police UMS head coach had to join his player after he slapped someone to noise pleading point. Nkeh Deudone had to bail himself out of the Police cell before accompanying his team for departure from Bamenda with police escort due to the current curfew that starts at 9pm. 
As at yesterday and press time Vidal was still in Police custody with no deal reached yet despite attempts by the family members present in Bamenda to reduce the amount with an advance to YOSA. 
Though we could not get what the family came with, sources close to YOSA FC authorities say they are accusing Ayuk Vidal Njui Tabi of collecting close a million francs CFA. 
The player is said to have admitted collecting the money from YOSA FC authorities put cannot provide a genuine reason why he refused to play for the Bamenda team. 
The impact on the club has been huge. The supporters we gathered were not only vexed by the defeat but further angered by the fact that the club has suffered a great deal due to the lack of prolific attackers this season with less than 20 goals scored in 32 matches despite having the best defense with only 14 goals conceded in the same number of matches. 
Vidal Ayuk is one of two attackers who “dubbed” YOSA FC of heavy sums of money this year with the other being Queenzy Benzy a Central African formerly player of Bamboutos FC who collected Money and escaped to his country YOSA sources say. 
YOSA FC President Yong Jacques has practically been working under the dictates of the club supporters who think that none of the players should be allowed to go with the money. 
It is however important to note that the player had no YOSA license yet and was also being cornered by UMS. He did not play the first round of the season and only appeared for UMS of Loum during the second round of the Championship. The incident has been described as bad for a young and promising player by observers which may have an impact on his career.

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