The rape incident in Bamenda last Monday involving a 17 year old breastfeeding teenage Mother and a Soldier that went viral on social media has sparked a diplomatic roar between Cameroon and former colonial master France.

The controversy which rather gave the rape story more visibility we gathered was sparked by two soldiers who are sources say stormed the French Cultural center popularly called Alliance Francaise in Bamenda in search for some people they called suspects. 

The soldiers stormed the center our source indicated because they saw some people by the gate pointing at them while they were on patrol and so wanted to know why they were pointing at them. As we search further we gathered that the people who were pointing at them were the raped teenage girl who was sharing her ordeal with others and pointing at where she was raped.
As soon as they saw the soldiers heading towards them, they immediately took to their heels together with the rape victim. Before they (the soldiers) could arrive the gate of Allaince Francaise, the gate keeper sensing danger quickly bolt the gate from inside. The noise at the gate will soon force out the Director of the center Mbatchou Nana Ricardo from his office to the gate. While at the gate, the soldiers demanded that he opens the gate but a conversation will ensue for some time before the Director will open the gate after advising them that it was wrong for them to enter the center worst still with guns.
Admitting that soldiers entered the center to this reporter, Nana Ricardo noted that at the time he came out to meet the soldiers at the gate from where they will later enter the center, he had no idea as to what had happened. He also admits cautioning them severally not to enter the center with guns. 
After practically forcing their way into the center with ready to use guns searching everywhere, information immediately got to the French Embassy from where they immediately contacted the Ministries of Defense and External relations.
In no distant time, regional security authorities could be seen assembling at the Alliance Francaise Bamenda to establish the veracity of the incident. We learned it was because of orders that came from Yaoounde demanding the matter be haddled immediately.
As all of these happened a video of the raped breast feeding teenager appeared on social media with her narrating how she was raped in a patrol station by according to her a Police Officer after she could not present an ID card. Despite all her pleas that she was a nursing mother and only 17years old, the “officer still removed” her dresses and slept with her. She narrates in tears. There has been general condemnation of the act of social media by Cameroonians demanding justice for the young lady.
Unlike many other cases where investigations will be open, a message immediately appeared on social media indicating that a soldier has been arrested to that effect and to be tried Tuesday at the Bamenda Military Court. We learned that such speedy action was taken thanks to the implication of the French diplomatic services on the matter.
If found guilty as per the Cameroon penal code, the suspected soldier is likely to face between five to ten years imprison term. It will be the decision of the judges to decide if he was an authority that should protect the teenager. If the decision is yes the perpetrator may face more than ten years.
 At Press time our sources confirmed that the young girl was receiving medical attention while the suspected soldier was to appear before the Military Court.
Cameroon’s defense Minister made a press release admitting the soldier committed the act and assures everyone that the perpetrator will be effectively punished.
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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