By Bakah Derick in Bamenda

The Minister Delegate at the Ministry of External Relations in charge of Cooperation with the Commonwealth has prescribed education as the only way to a better future for the youths.

"The Man of Wisdom" Mbayu Felix was speaking in Bamenda on Thursday July 27 during the launching ceremony of the National Popularisation campaign on the Commonwealth Core Values and principles. Placed under the theme; Unity in diversity inspiring Cameroonian youth through the Commonwealth Core values and principles of respect for the rule of law, tolerance, mutual respect and understanding, Minister Mbayu used the event to address himself to the current education crisis facing Bamenda, the place of his birth and the Northwest and Southwest regions in general experiencing all times low school attendance rates due anti school going campaigns as a means of civil disobedience.   
Minister Delegate at the Ministry of External Relations in charge of Cooperation with the Commonwealth with youths in Bamenda
“The Commonwealth crystalised these core values after going through many testing and difficult times because member countries have seen and experienced nearly everything we see and experience today. After all of that they release that the glow that keeps the various components of society together; the glow that keeps all our differences into a positive purpose are these core values and principles because my dear youths we are not born the same.” Minster Mbayu said commenting on the theme.

The Man of Wisdom Speaking in Bamenda
Describing the Northwest region as home to some of the best primary, secondary and high schools as well as higher institutions, the Minister noted “Yes ladies and gentlemen education is important.” Quoting Nelson Mandela he described education as the equalizer. “It is thanks to education that the child of a shoe mender can become the leader leading children of former presidents. How can you then let go the wonderful educational system, the wonderful educational institutions and structures of our region go to ruins.”
Minister Mbayu Felix speaks to the press
Explaining why chose Bamenda was chosen for the event, Minister Mbayu said “We thought that we should start in the NW region because the NW represents a lot of positive factors in terms of the quality and nature of the people, in terms of the values in which most of our cultures and traditions respect; in terms of the fact that educational system, the institutions in this region are amongst the best in the country and we do hope that when we start here these institutions will then help the
children to inculcate all of these core values we are talking about.”

Chongwain Christelle Bay Youth Leader speaking
Speaking earlier as a youth leader,  Chongwain Christelle Bay noted “the theme of this come together points to the important role youth have to play towards contributions for a meaningful, conducive and peaceful atmosphere even in times of diverse opinions. This event comes at a time marked by a challenging socioeconomic context especially in the North West and South West regions coupled with other upheavals like the threat by Boko Haram in the North just to name a few. In all of these, the youths have been the most hit as can be seen through key indicators as: increase in number of youth dropping out of school, unwanted teenage pregnancies, spread in HIV and other STDs and the rise in unemployment as over 4000jobs have been lost’ including rising crime wave and other associated social ills. The immediate past president of Mandela Washington  Fellows Alumni expressed the hope that a platform be created to “engage more in promoting intergenerational dialogue, tolerance and mutual understanding in our families and communities so that the vision of the youths would be blended with the experience of the elderly to create lasing positive social change in our country.”
The Bamenda event respecting National Symbols
 The Bamenda event which was first for the “Old Town boy or Abakwa boy” Mbayu Felix since his appointment afforded him the opportunity to connect directly with his people and make the official call for his people to do everything else but leave education because it is the only futureproof for the young people.
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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