Fundong Council has taken an engagement to tackle various forms especially extreme cases of metal disorder in the municipality.
The information was disclosed recently during the council session in response to worries raised as relates the misuse of public property and space by persons living with mental orders.

According to the Mayor of Fundong Council Denis Awoh Ndang, his council has signed a Memorandum of Understanding MoU with the Socio-Economic Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities SEEPD program of the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services CBCHS to give care to persons living with disabilities PWDs mental disorder inclusive within the municipality.
Talking to the Guardian Post on the MoU, the municipal head explained that it was important to give care and attention to PWDs mindful of the fact that with the help of the SEEPD program it can be established that they make up to six per cent of the community. 

“We had to sign a MoU with the SEEPD program and we thought that for our priority area we should look at those always moving up and down during occasions and who are looking dirty and making and making the whole community look dirty. So we fell on these PWDs and we thought that we should do something. We are happy that it’s yielding fruits.” 

Expressing satisfaction with the results of the partnership Mayor Awoh Ndang shared a success story saying “we had somebody who used to move round town disturbing everybody, but if you see him today, you can sit down and take a drink with him and he will not disturb you.” 

Corroborating the success stories of the MoUs signed with councils in the area of tackling mental health disorders citing the Fundong Council in particular and works done by his program, Awa Jacques Chirac SEEPD program Manager told the Guardian Post in his Bamenda office that “we started comprehensive community Mental Health in 2015 and Since then not fewer than 8000 people with mild moderate to severe mental health disorder have been treated and some still on treatment.” 

The CBC Director of Health Services (DHS), Prof Tih Pius Muffih in several interventions has maintained that that people with mental health problems are deprived of basic human rights, stigmatized, marginalized and subjected to emotional and physical abuse in both mental health facilities and the community.
According to Awa Jacque Chirac, the CBCHS has a Mental Health Service at Banso Baptist Hospital BBH Kimbo where admissions are done and the Community Counseling Clinic which are well-organized and meets the required standards making use of the two Psychiatrists, seven Psychiatric Nurses, 20 Social workers and a clinical pharmacists who manage all presented cases. 

Statistics from around the world suggest that In any given year, one in five adults has a diagnosable mental disorder, One in 24 adults has a serious mental illness, One in 12 has a substance use disorder, Half of all chronic mental illness begins by age 14, People with mental illnesses are no more likely to be violent than those without a mental health disorder. In fact, those with mental illness are 10 times more likely to be guilty of violent crime.
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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