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NW Inspires Africa on land use conflict management

Delegates from some African countries have ended a four days study tour to Cameroon with focus on innovative practices and tools to reduce land use conflicts between farmers and pastoralists. The Study tour that ended last Friday   gave the delegates an opportunity to experience and share ideas with both state and non-state actors on ways to reduce conflicts which have been on the increase in both intensity and frequency between pastoralists and other rangeland users.  It is against this backdrop that a group of pastoralists and rangelands practitioners decided to undertake a study tour of Cameroon to learn directly from the field and from the protagonists themselves some of the best practices, innovative tools and approaches implemented in the country which are achieving interesting results in terms of pastoral land use conflict prevention, resolution and transformation.  Talking to hat the end of the tour, Ibrahim Hassan working with the Abuja-N

Local Mining: Bamenda based NGO AGGEM cries out for neglected minerals in NW Region

By Bakah Derick  The Action Group on Governance and Environment Management AGGEM a Nongovernmental Organization based in Bamenda says several minerals have been neglected in the western highlands of Cameroon specifically in the North West region.  Presenting a project in Bamenda Tuesday titled “promotion of Multi-stakeholder engagement or the respect of environment, community engagement, health and safety requirements in neglected development mineral operations in Western Highlands of Cameroon.”  Ngang Eric Ndeh Mboumien Chair of the project told many who showed up at the project research presentation that “neglected development minerals NDM operations are a contributor to addressing local poverty and achieving sustainable development. He however added that “effective environment, health, safety and community engagement must be respected to avoid solving a problem and creating a myriad of others.’   Citing gravel, sand, limestone, clay, sapphires; marble which