Bamenda III and City Councils sends off Deputy Mayor

Bamenda City Council instrumental
By Bakah Derick
Reporter @Hilltopvoces
Bamenda City Council dances
Bamenda III dances In
Bamenda III dances In FBI leading

Bamenda III dances In the staff in dark suits

Ma Bati's Final resting place
Ma Bati being marched into the Bda III council premises

Bamenda III Gendarme official pays last respect.

Stella Munde Bda III PRO says Goodbye

It was an outstanding show of Love for Late Bati Rose Lailam, 1st Deputy Mayor to the Bamenda III sub divisional Council Friday January 23, 2015 as
thousands rallied at the Holy Family Catholic Medical Center Akum, then All Saints Parish Church Bayelle and her Ntamulung residence to accompany the late municipal authority to her final resting place.

Away from her immediate family and fellow SDF militants, The Bamenda III sub divisional Council and The Bamenda City Council answered present in grand style. These institutions did not only show up in official uniforms but with their administrative authorities and traditional dances as Northwest tradition demands for the burial of a true servant like Madam Bati Rose Lailam.

It took well over 2hours for boys of her native Nso village to complete the burial. With a lively choir, the over 30boys sang in lamnso (language of the Nso people) and danced stylishly with a referee type coordinator giving instructions from time to time and substituting the tired. None Nso people looked on with admiration.

At the close of the burial a few dances and prayer groups passed by but their passing did not generate the kind of effervescence The Bamenda city council and Bamenda III Council Mbagalum dances generated.

Led by the Secretary General to the Bamenda City Council Mr Formefret Victor, the staff of the City staged a dance that gave everyone the reasons to understand that the fallen Deputy Mayor worked beyond the borders of her Council area that is Bamenda III Council.  

As the most affected, the Bamenda III Council staff staged an uncommon Mbagalum dance. Under the leadership of Paul Muforza, the Bamenda III dance started from the entrance to the home of Madam Bati. In typical Nkwen Style, they danced with dirges, carrying peace plants with very little regards for the dry season durst.

The mourning was total yet one could see signs of celebrations. Sure she contributed her quota during her life time. 

Ma Mayor Rest In peace

Photo credits 
Stella Mbunde 
PRO Bda III Council