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Nukwi Ne Abubte: Nkwen gives 'King Solomon' a deserving life celebration, solidifies diplomatic relations with Mankon

By Bakah Derick  The people of Nkwen under the leadership of their Paramount Fon have joined Mankon in celebrating the life of their immediate past Fon. HRM Fon Azehfor III led a delegation of over 300 men to the Ntaw Mankon (Mankon Palace) on Sunday 8 January 2023 to participate in the Nukwi Ne Abubte of Fo S.A.N Angwafo III fondly known as the King Solomon of Cameroon. All dressed in beautiful traditional attires with majority in the legendary toghu, the men assembled at the Nto'o Menkwene (Nkwen Palace) esplanade as early as 9am to wait for their traditional ruler to join and lead them.  HRM Fon Azehfor and Fo Angwafo IV dacing the Mbaglum dance  Upon joining his people ready for a journey, the Fon called on the ancestors to protect them as they go out and bring them back safely. The Invocation and pouring of ancestral blessings prepared the way for departure.  HRM Fon Azehfor III set to take off for Mankon with his delegation  On arrival at Ntaw Mankon,

Nukwi Ne Abubte: Mankon is Ready

  By Bakah Derick  The Coordinating Committee of the Official Homage and Celebration of the immediate past Fon of Mankon His Royal Highness Fo Angwafo III S.A.N traditionally known as Nukwi Ne Abubte has declared the Fondom  ready for the event. The readiness of the palace and Mankon in general was made public during a press conference on Tuesday 14 December 2022 in the palace.  According to Joseph Mumbari, Chairperson of the the committee, all necessary dispositions have been taken to make sure that sons and daughters as well as friends of Mankon have an opportunity to celebrate the great legacy of Fo Angwafo III who ruled Mankon for 63 years.  The elaborate program which will will run from the 15 of December 2022 to the 15 of January 2023 will kickoff with an official event this Thursday at the Mankon Palace esplanade as early as 6am with the Minang-do dance performed by princes and princesses ahead of the official Homage involving the state.  Cultural animati

Save the Crown: Mankon Kwifo suspends death celebrations

By Bakah Derick  The Supreme masquerade of the Mankon people has suspended all death celebrations in the village. The decision was made public on Saturday 11 June 2022 by the Secretary General of the the Mankon Traditional Council Ntomnifor Richard.  "All death celebrations in Mankon are suspended till after the upcoming Nikwi.  Implicitly, if a person dies in Mankon, he or she is buried without any form of celebration." The message reads  The dreaded Kwifo has charged quarter and clan heads to ensure implementation across Mankon.  " All Mankon Quarter Heads and Clan Heads are called upon to oversee the strict implementation of this decision in their respective quarters and clans.  Kwifo shall duly inform the  population whenever the suspension is lifted." The message concludes.  Sources close to the palace strong house indicate that, the order includes everyone living in Mankon and that defaulters shall be seriously checked.  The Nikwi it sh

Mankon Enthronement: Social Media was right. He is Fo Fru Asaah Angwafo IV 49

By Bakah Derick  Just shortly after Fo Angwafo III was announced to have gone to sleep, pictures of Prince Fru Asaah Angwafo circulated on social media as the new Fon of Mankon. Serving as Principal of Government Technical College (GTC) Nkeung in neighbouring Nkwen, then Prince Fru Asaah Angwafo was no longer available in public.  Fo Fru Asaah Angwafo IV sitting  He could however be spotted from time to time around the palace. It was same for some other princes with the right to be Fon. The former teacher of GTC Oku in Bui Division we gathered was seized just shortly after the disappearance of his father.  Talking to Mankon sons and daughters, some who were close to the departed monarch insinuated that he was not loved by his father. Others said he was not very close to tradition. However, they all agreed that he was a potential candidate for the revert office of the Fon of Mankon. "Despite all those pictures on social media, we could still have surprises.