Nukwi Ne Abubte: Nkwen gives 'King Solomon' a deserving life celebration, solidifies diplomatic relations with Mankon

By Bakah Derick 

The people of Nkwen under the leadership of their Paramount Fon have joined Mankon in celebrating the life of their immediate past Fon. HRM Fon Azehfor III led a delegation of over 300 men to the Ntaw Mankon (Mankon Palace) on Sunday 8 January 2023 to participate in the Nukwi Ne Abubte of Fo S.A.N Angwafo III fondly known as the King Solomon of Cameroon. All dressed in beautiful traditional attires with majority in the legendary toghu, the men assembled at the Nto'o Menkwene (Nkwen Palace) esplanade as early as 9am to wait for their traditional ruler to join and lead them. 
HRM Fon Azehfor and Fo Angwafo IV dacing the Mbaglum dance 

Upon joining his people ready for a journey, the Fon called on the ancestors to protect them as they go out and bring them back safely. The Invocation and pouring of ancestral blessings prepared the way for departure. 
HRM Fon Azehfor III set to take off for Mankon with his delegation 

On arrival at Ntaw Mankon, two friendly and dexterous masquerades were on hand to treat the Fon to a warm welcome before he will join his host Fo Angwafo IV for in-camera talks. The rest of his delegation will then settle for pleasantries while waiting for the appearance of the Fon and his host later in the palace esplanade. 
Fons at the esplanade 

After slightly above an hour, the traditional rulers this time accompanied by their colleague of Babungo emerged from the secret chambers of Ntaw Mankon. They will settle on their respective thrones placed on an imposing stage raised on the palace esplanade for special events like the Nukwi Ne Abubte and the Abine-fo (Fon's Dance.) See video

Opening the performance for Nkwen was the legendary Mandere dance. The Fon of Nkwen, his host of Mankon and colleague of Babungo could not resist the rhythm. They climbed down their elevated thrones to participate in the dance. The mandere involved fewer men unlike the Mbaglum that followed involving the entire delegation. Led by the First and Second traditional advisers to the Fon of Nkwen that is Ndi and Muma Azehfor respectively, the men chanted with pride the beautiful Mbaglum rhythm literally invading the Mankon palace esplanade. Their numbers are impressive, thier dressing is imposing and their voices authoritative. See video
The Nkwen delegation lining up for the Mbaglum dance 

HRM Fon Azehfor III and Fo Angwafo IV for over 20minutes despite the charged schedule at the Nukwi Ne Abubte event ground enjoyed the Mbaglum dance on their feet sharing smiles indicating satisfaction and reinforced traditional diplomatic relations. 

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