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Editorial Commentary: Celebrating Linguistic Diversity; Promoting, Preserving Mother Tongues

February 21, World Mother Tongue Day is a day that celebrates linguistic diversity and promotes the preservation and protection of mother languages around the world. It is a day to recognize the importance of preserving and promoting languages that are spoken by minority communities, and to highlight the cultural richness that comes from linguistic diversity. Chilli Wawaye (top Right), DDKC (Top Left) Zita Light (Bottom Right) Richard Kings (Bottom Left) This year, on World Mother Tongue Day, allow me shine a spotlight on the efforts of artists like Zita Light Richard Kings, DDKC Chilli Wawaye, and others who are using their music to promote and preserve the languages of the Nso and Nkwen people in the North West Region. These artists are not only creating beautiful music, but they are also serving as ambassadors for their languages and cultures, helping to keep them alive for future generations. The Nso people speak Lamnso, while the Nkwen people speak Abonģne-menkwene. Th

Empowering the Vulnerable: CADA Embarks on Lives Transformation Through Art in Bamenda

By Bakah Derick In a display of creativity, innovation, compassion and dedication, a Bamenda based not-for-profit non-governmental organization, Collective Arts Development Association (CADA) is shining a light of hope with its transformative project aimed at empowering vulnerable youth. During one of the empowerment sessions on Saturday, 17 February, one of CADA's trainers was around to teach beneficiaries, including drug addicts, substance abuse victims, ex-convicts, orphans, and other marginalized youth, the intricate art of sculpture. Beneficiaries during training at CADA For hours, the young men emerged themselves in the beautiful arts with instructions and supervision from their trainer. The focus was total with questions being asked and answered indicating their high level of engagement.  "The session was good, we learned well and I teacher was good." Elvis tells me as he walks away with a smile.  Since its inception in September 2023, the p

Nukuns Enterprises Unveils 5-Year Strategic Plan for PIC North West

Bamenda, Cameroon- Nukuns Enterprises on Tuesday 30 January 2024 presented a proposed 5-year Strategic Plan for the Office of the Public Independent Conciliator (PIC) in the North West Region. The presentation marked a historic moment for the institution, described by the PIC, Tamfu Simon Fai as a "pioneer forward-looking institution" that requires a clear, realistic, flexible, and actionable vision to guide its future endeavors . The PIC emphasized the importance of having a strategic plan that is easily communicated, measurable, and adaptable to ensure the effective functioning of the office.  Over the past two years of its existence, the PIC has focused on setting up its operations and raising awareness about its mission and role among stakeholders and the population of the North-West Region. During the presentation, stakeholders engaged with the proposed strategic plan, asking questions and providing valuable recommendations to enhance its effectiv

CAGEAD Empowers Over 500 CCAST Bambili with Menstrual Hygiene Kits, Construct toilet

Bambili, Cameroon - In a heartwarming gesture of support for girls' education, the Center for Advocacy in Gender Equality and Action for Development (CAGEAD) handed over essential menstrual hygiene kits to over 500 girls at CCAST Bambili on Tuesday, February 13, 2024. The Director of CAGEAD, Clotilda Andiensa, used the event to emphasized the importance of the project, which says aims to ensure that girls can stay in school without missing classes due to menstruation. School girls display kits from CAGEAD  Following the the handover ceremony of the kits and toilet building, the Principal of CCAST Bambili, Fomukong Christopher, expressed gratitude towards CAGEAD, describing the organization as a blessing to the school. He highlighted the significant impact of menstruation on girls' education, noting that they often miss over a month of schooling each year due to the challenges they face during their menstrual cycles. The girls received a range of menstrua