Ten years Review: Technological advancements propel NWCA Ltd to new heights

The North West Cooperative Association (NWCA) has made significant technological advancements over the past decade, revolutionizing its operations and enhancing productivity. Under the forward-thinking leadership of General Manager Waindim Timothy Ntam, NWCA has invested in cutting-edge technology to modernize its processes and improve the quality of its products.
NWCA processing unit...

Modernizing coffee processing

One of the most notable achievements in NWCA’s technological journey is the acquisition and installation of a modern coffee transformation plant at its former Robusta Coffee Warehouse. Funded by GP – DERUDEP II, this state-of-the-art facility has enabled NWCA Ltd to produce Kola Coffee in large quantities, meeting the growing demand for this high-quality product. 

“The coffee transformation plant has been a game-changer for us, allowing us to enhance our production capabilities and meet market demands,” Waindim Timothy noted. 
Waindim Timothy Ntam, General Manager, NWCA Ltd 

Additionally, NWCA has installed a drip coffee machine that produces coffee in sachets, making it more convenient for consumers. This innovation has not only expanded NWCA’s product offerings but also increased its market appeal, attracting a broader customer base.

Enhancing product quality and market reach

The introduction of Kola Coffee in various sizes and a new affordable brand in sachets has significantly expanded NWCA’s market reach. Kola Coffee, once available only in a single size, now comes in multiple sizes, including 908g, 454g, 227g, 142g, and 113g, with blends of Arabica and Robusta. This diversification has made Kola Coffee a household name across Cameroon and beyond. 
“Our goal is to improve farmers’ income through higher prices from processed coffee, and Kola Coffee has been instrumental in achieving this,” the General Manager stated.

The new brand in sachets, particularly popular among consumers without coffee makers, has further boosted sales and visibility. Kola Coffee, once limited to a few stores in Bamenda, is now available in most supermarkets in Cameroon’s capital city, showcasing NWCA’s successful market penetration.
Union, Society representatives, Board members and other stakeholders at close of meeting

Leveraging technology for farmer empowerment

NWCA’s technological advancements have also focused on empowering farmers and improving their productivity. Through projects like GP – DERUDEP II, NWCA has trained over 2,000 coffee and cocoa farmers and distributed 300,000 coffee seedlings. These initiatives have equipped farmers with the knowledge and resources needed to enhance their yields and product quality.

The revolving fund provided by GP – IRDP has enabled NWCA to reduce its reliance on high-interest commercial loans, lower processing and marketing costs, and increase farmers' earnings through timely payments and produce balances. This financial stability has fostered loyalty among farmers and strengthened their commitment to NWCA.
Coffee pickers 

Sustainable practices and community Impact

NWCA’s technological advancements have also supported its commitment to sustainable practices and community development. The sinking of a borehole at NWCA’s head office has ensured a reliable water supply, improving hygiene and sanitation. The association’s corporate social responsibility initiatives, including providing potable drinking water to the community and offering temporary jobs to over 200 internally displaced persons (IDPs), have enhanced the overall well-being of the community.
Ndikwa Peter Bayo, President NWCA Ltd 

Ensuring continuity 

During a workshop recently at the Mile III Nkwen Bamenda head office , NWCA Ltd President Ndikwa Peter Bayo and General Manager Waindim Timothy Ntam expressed concerns about declining coffee production. Both noted that it was crucial for reviewing the union's activities and identifying ways to improve coffee collection and farmer livelihoods. The leaders used the workshop to urged union representatives to focus on creating a blueprint for the Board, emphasizing, that the  alarming decline in production with actionable solutions must be addressed

By Bakah Derick 
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