Google Fact-Checking Masterclass engages Media Professionals Towards Combatting Fake News

The Google Fact-Checking Masterclass, organized by 237Check in collaboration with Africa Check has opened in Douala. The  masterclass has brought together participants from over five regions of Cameroon from Thursday 23 May 2024 for an intensive two-day training program being an initiative aimed at combating fake news in Cameroon. 
Day one was facilitated by Laure Nganlay and Donald Tchongue, both prominent officials from the Defyhatenow Campaign, who led the participants through a series of informative and engaging presentations.

Understanding the Importance of Fact-Checking

The opening day of the masterclass set a solid foundation for the participants, focusing on the theme "Why Facts Matter: An Introduction to Fact-Checking." Laure Nganlay commenced the session by emphasizing the critical role of accurate information in today's digital age. Accordinv to her, In an era where false information can spread like wildfire, the need for rigorous fact-checking has never been more important. 
Laure Nganlay during presentations 

She then delved into the nuances of misinformation and disinformation  highlighteding the different types of false information and how they propagate through various channels. Laure helped the participants  in understanding the mechanics of how misinformation spreads as the first step towards effectively countering it. She then shared with the participants the distinctions between misinformation and disinformation, setting the stage for deeper explorations throughout the day.

The following sessions were dedicated to the practicalities of fact-checking, specifically tailored for journalists. Nganlay and Tchongue guided the attendees through the systematic process of verifying information, from identifying fact-checkable claims to sourcing reliable evidence.