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Editorial: Let Them Breathe

By Bakah Derick Today, we are observing the International Day of Democracy. This is coming in the face of expanding government control and diminishing press freedom around us. It is imperative that we rise collectively and proclaim the urgent need to let the private press breathe. A robust, independent private press is the lifeblood of any democracy, serving as the voice of the people, exposing corruption, holding power accountable and providing public serviceinformation which those in power largely benefit from. Without freedom for private media outlets, we risk the erosion of democratic principles, the stifling of dissent, and the triumph of authoritarianism.  Photo by European Journalism Observatory  I can only remind us all that the private press has a sacred duty to uphold the truth, free from the shackles of state manipulation and censorship. It acts as a beacon of unbiased reporting, meticulously pursuing the facts, and shining light on hidden agendas. Letting the private pr

Media: NewsWatch Newspaper Fetes 10th Anniversary

NewsWatch Newspaper Cameroon has celebrated 10 years of its existence. The 10th anniversary event held in Yaoundé Cameroon on Saturday 19 August 2023, was marked by awards and unveiling of the NewsWatch Magazine.  “The feedback from you – often encouraging, sometimes brutal – has greatly helped us shape the newspaper to what it is today... Newspapers have outlived their founders. Francis Wache for example is not alive today but the post newspaper is thriving. NewsWatch I a project that will live after me.” Ndi Eugene Ndi, NewsWatch Publisher said during the event  Amongst the many who received awards of recognition for outstanding services in different areas of endeavor during the event were HRH Fon Azehfor III of Nkwen, Shey Ngando Peter CEO PEE Bread, Gwain Colbert Fulai, Author: The Colbert Factor, Njobati Sylvie, Founder Syvy House of Fame and Reach Out Humanitarian Organization. 

NW/SW Armed Conflict: Journalists Caught in the Crossfire; Walking a Tight Rope Near Hell

By Colbert Gwain Since the eruption of the prolonged seven-year conflict in Cameroon's two English-speaking regions in 2016, journalists on the ground have found themselves walking a tightrope, with hell lurking just one door away. Unlike the long-standing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, where the dispute primarily revolves around land, the conflict in Cameroon's Anglophone regions encompasses both territorial claims and the welfare of its inhabitants. This intricate situation poses significant challenges for journalists striving to maintain professionalism, fairness, balance, and objectivity in their reporting, especially as both sides adamantly believe history is on their side. Journalists marching in Bamenda following killing of Colleague Anye Ndeh Nsoh (Picture source unknown) Meet Akumbom Elvis McCarthy, a dedicated journalist living and working in Bamenda, the epicenter of this escalating existential conflict. One Friday morning, after concluding his weekly talk

Hate Speech: CAMASEJ NW-Civic Watch unite in Battle

Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists (CAMASEJ) North West Chapter has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Not-for-profit organization Civic Watch to combat hate speech in the country.  The partnership was signed on Friday 2 June 2023 in Yaoundé.  According to the President of CAMASEJ NW, the MoU will assist member of his association to develop competences in combating hate speech via training and more.  Muma Jude, admits that elements of hate speech have been recurrent in our communities but the battle against it has not been strong enough. He hopes that the partnership will provide more opportunities for his members to develop skills to fight the phenomenon.  The MoU with Civic Watch is within the Defy Hate project which focuses on combating hate speech.  CAMASEJ NW has also renewed it's partnership with the National Commission for the promotion of biligualism and multiculturalism (NCPBM) in the same area. The chapter leader

Media: Journalists' Union Exhume Collective Convention, Denounce non-respect at Labour Ministry

Members of the Cameroon journalists' Trade Union (CJTU) have handed a letter denouncing the non-respect of the National collective Convention for Journalists and related media professionals in Cameroon. A delegation made up of members of the National Executive Bureau, Regional Chapter executive and members handed over the letter on Wednesday 31 May 2023 at the North West Regional Delegation of Labour and Social Security. On hand to receive the delegation was the Head of the Labour Inspection Brigade Mbomda Casmaire. Presenting the context of the action, CjTU National Vice President In charge of international Relations explained that the move was part of the union'splan to advocate for better working conditions for media professionals in the Country.  Bakah Derick detailed that CJTU must be concerned about the working conditions of their members because it is their duty to protect media worker's rights, improve productivity, fulfil legal obligation an

WPFD 2023: Journalists' Union celebrate Media professionals in the 'Prison Court Yard'

By Bakah Derick  The Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union (CJTU) Northwest Chapter has handed award of ezcellence to six of her members for promoting journalism and trade unionism. The awards of excellence were handed on Wednesday 3 May 2023 during celebrations marking the 30th anniversary of World Press Freedom Day in Bamenda.  According to CJTU chapter President, the six awarded have shown uncommon attachment to the Canons of Journalism and trade unionism. Nji Ignatius has challenged the recipients to continue in the same light despite the challenges they face especially working in a conflict zone.  Choves Loh, Bakah Derick, Roseline Obah, Ngong Song Jean Marie, Pierre Anoufack and Ambe Macmillian received the six awards.  Featuring prominently dueing the celebration was a poem by Shey Lashegang Godbless titled 'Let the Ink Flow' and a presentation by Senior Journalis Choves Loh on media organizatios and their relevance. ' Both presentations targeted  those w