NBACA24: HOFNA Cameroon Awarded as Community Development House of the Year

Bamenda, Cameroon - Hope for the Needy Association (HOFNA) Cameroon was honored with the prestigious title of Community Development House of the Year during the New Breed Africa Celebrity Awards (NBACA) event held on Sunday, March 10. The award was received by Bakah Derick, Communications Assistant at HOFNA, on behalf of the Executive Director Christelle Bay Nfor.

HOFNA, a women-led non-profit organization based in Bamenda, was recognized for its outstanding work in 2023. According to Atangche Zita Ngeche, the promoter of NBACA and CEO of New Breed Africa Foundation, HOFNA received the award for their dedication to empowering disadvantaged and vulnerable women and girls in Cameroon.

Speaking to reporters on behalf of the Executive Director, Bakah Derick highlighted HOFNA's mission to strengthen the leadership, power, and voices of marginalized women and girls, empowering them to become self-reliant and socially conscious leaders. The organization focuses on addressing gender-based violence through socioeconomic empowerment initiatives and building the capacities of women and girls to lead processes of reform and peacebuilding efforts.
Christelle Bay Nfor, Executive Director, HOFNA Cameroon 

HOFNA Cameroon in 2023

2023 was an eventful year for HOFNA her staff went across the restive North West to implement some of the organization's flagship projects. 

The organization conducted several impactful programs, including training over 100 single mothers, internally displaced young women, and orphans in entrepreneurship and skills building as part of a community peacebuilding project. They also provided trauma healing and psychosocial support training to over 100 community leaders to offer counseling services for mild and moderate cases in their communities.

HOFNA produced a radio drama series titled "Never Give Up" as part of their radio program Engage, focusing on gender-based violence issues. The series was broadcast across five regions of Cameroon to engage communities in addressing these critical issues. Additionally, their Girls Leadership Boot Camp empowered young girls with leadership skills and inspired them to pursue a better future.
Christelle Bay Nfor with North West 

Christelle Bay in several media outings has stated that "HOFNA remains dedicated to promoting human rights, empowering women and girls, and fostering peace and development within communities in Cameroon." 

HOFNA she adds "is committed to creating positive change" which has earned them the well-deserved recognition as the Community Development House of the Year.

By Joseph Carlos 

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