Jato Richard Tonga: A People Focused Shey from the Media

The Bamenda III Municipality is host to a media professional whose influence to his community shine brightly. Jato Richard Tonga, with nearly three decades of experience in the media industry, has established himself as a pillar of strength and integrity within the local landscape.

Jato Richard

Having spent a significant portion of his career living in the Bamenda III municipality, Jato has cultivated deep-rooted relationships with various authorities, both traditional and municipal. His commitment to showcasing the actions and intentions of these entities through his media work has not only given them visibility but has also fostered a sense of collaboration and progress within their communities.

One of Jato's most notable roles within the Wimbum Community in Bamenda is his position as Taa Shey Ndeer-lah, overseeing cultural affairs. In 2023, he demonstrated exceptional leadership in organizing the Ndeer-lah, a significant cultural festival for the Wimbum people in Bamenda. Bamenda III was the privilleged . Through his efforts, he not only preserved the rich cultural heritage of the Wimbum community but also brought people together in celebration and unity.

While Jato's focus remains on promoting the culture of the Wimbum and Nkwen people, his respect for traditional institutions, particularly the Fons, extends to all communities. His dedication to preserving and promoting cultural traditions is evident in his support for various cultural events and initiatives within Bamenda III.

Beyond his cultural contributions, Jato is a trusted figure in media circles, providing valuable insights and support to institutions and individuals seeking to communicate effectively. His extensive experience in media organizations and associations nationwide serves as an inspiration to aspiring journalists in Bamenda III, highlighting the importance of professionalism and dedication in the field.

Despite his busy schedule, Jato remains deeply committed to his family, prioritizing their well-being and happiness above all else. His background in human rights reporting further underscores his commitment to social justice and ethical journalism practices, ensuring that voices are heard and stories are told with integrity.

One of Jato's recent accomplishments includes spearheading the successful organization of the Bamenda III Council Festival of Heritage Arts and Culture, where he secured a partnership with a mobile telephone company to enhance participation and engagement. His outspoken nature and positivity towards the people of Bamenda III have earned him respect and admiration within the communities.

In Jato Richard Tonga, Bamenda III Municipality has found a true gem – a dedicated professional, a cultural ambassador, and a compassionate individual whose influence extends far beyond the confines of his profession. 

As he continues to shine brightly in his endeavors, Jato serves as a shining example of leadership, generosity, and community spirit for all who have the privilege of knowing him.

Congratulations Shey Taa Ngiri Ndeer-lah

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