Editorial Commentary: Breed Africa Celebrity Awards (NBACA) 2024, Celebrating Decency in the Entertainment Industry

The New Breed Africa Celebrity Awards (NBACA) is fast becoming a prestigious recognition that celebrates the outstanding achievements and contributions of individuals in the entertainment industry in Bamenda and beyond. This award not only honors talent and creativity but also serves as a platform to inspire and empower the next generation of artists.
The theme for the 2024 New Breed Africa Celebrity Awards, (#NBACA24) "Decency," is a timely and important choice. In an era where social media and pop culture now glorified sensationalism and controversy, it is crucial to highlight the importance of decency, respect, and integrity in the entertainment industry.

Promoting decency in the entertainment industry can face several challenges especially when the industry is primarily profit-driven, and sometimes controversial or sensational content may attract more attention and revenue than content promoting decency. Artists and creators often value their creative freedom and may resist attempts to impose standards of decency on their work, viewing it as censorship. Generally, there is a perception that audiences prefer edgy or provocative content, leading to a reluctance to promote decency for fear of losing viewership or listeners. A closer look reveals a growing celebrity culture that promotes indecency reason why New Breed Africa Foundation will deserve 21gun saluts for daring. 

By focusing on the theme of "Decency," from the pre-award show through the Artists seminar, the New Breed Africa Celebrity Awards is sending a message about the values that should guide the actions and behavior of celebrities and public figures. This theme encourages artists to use their platform responsibly, to promote positive messages, and to set a good example for their fans and followers.

In a world where young people are constantly bombarded with negative influences and harmful stereotypes, it is essential for celebrities to embody values of decency and respect. By recognizing and celebrating artists who uphold these principles, the New Breed Africa Celebrity Award is setting a new standard for excellence in the entertainment industry.