NPUI Bamenda matriculates over 1000 students, counts avalanche of successes.

By Ndimbe Usman 

At its 9th matriculation ceremony organized on Thursday December 7, 2023, National Polytechnic University Institute NPUI Bamenda witnessed an influx of over 1030 new students into the school registratered for the academic year 2023/2024.
Commencement of Matriculation ceremony 

The reason behind this mass registration is said to  have been attributed to an avalanche of success stories registered by that Institute in recent years.

 The matriculating students on oath  promised to observe the internal Rules and Regulations of National Polytechnic University Institute Bamenda, as well as safeguard and protect the property of the institution at all times. Through their behaviour and  work. That they will spread the fame of National Polytechnic University Institute Bamenda, their alma mater, and will not harm its knowledge dignity, during their class days in school or afterward, God being their helper.
Partial view of the matriculating students 

The solemn matriculation ritual enrolled students for HND. BTS, Bachelor's
and Master's Degree Levels.

Not leaving out the  installation  of the executives of the students' union government.

The Vice Chancellor, Dr Christopher Apana Akob took up time to congratulate the students for choosing National Polytechnic University Institute Bamenda.
Dr Christopher Apana Akob, NPUI VP addressing the Matriculation event 

The shining records of that Institute are said to have not only attracted a mad rush by students for enrollment, its  performances have also won lots of recognitions and awards.

In 2020  NPUI received The Cameroon Performance Award. In 2021 another accolade added, Golden Award Certificate in Recognition of Excellence as the Most Consistent University Institute in Cameroon, 2022. In 2022 the Institute received another red feather on the cap, Excellence Award as Best Professional Higher Educational Institution Award; And 2023 received Life Time Achievement Award for Nation Builders in Recognition for Training Job Creators
The NPUI Bamenda maize and front view of Officials at the matriculation 

-National Polytechnic was ranked National Third by the Ministry of Higher Education after the release of the results of the 2023 HND National Examination session and is gunning for the National First in the 2024 HND National Examinations. They equally  did very well this year with the Bachelor's and Master's Degree Programmes under the mentorship of the University of Buea with good results.

According to the VC all these achievements 
are thanks to the highly qualified and dedicated staff, supportive Management Board, appropriate infrastructure and environment conducive for effective teaching and learning.

" When you blend the students that have been properly selected, the cream of staff that is top-notch, the infrastructure, you don't expect anything shorter than success," Dr Christopher Apana Akob drummed said.
School Chaplains, management board NPUI Bamenda administration 

Admission into all NPUI Schools and Programmes the VC revealed is ongoing and will end very soon when their mentor Universities do the final admission of students.

He  congratulated all newly admitted
Level 100, Bachelors and Master's students explained the vision of NPUI  which he said is to reduce unemployment amongst the youths by providing them with the professional education and skills needed for the job market.

The Managing Director of NPUI, Yong Jacques Installed members of the students union executive headed by Miss Futsi Chiara Nyah.

To the members of the students' Union Executive installed, the VC urged them to be servant leaders and not master leaders.

To the staff, he extended hearty gratitude to both the dedicated academic and non-academic staff of the Institute, for the excellent job they are doing in imparting knowledge to students. 

The VC extended appreciations to the Management Board for what he described as an impressive renovation work done to give NPUI Main Campus a new look.
NPUI Bamenda staff at Matriculation 

The students' union president, Futsi Chiara Nyah as she assumed duty, promised to take up a very rude fight to bring about moral rectitude in that University Institute.

Drug abuse, occultism, cyber criminality and scamming she said are some of the moral ills that are gnawing deep into the fabric of the University milieu.
" So I look forward to make sure that Polytechnic be the  leading academic Institute, not only in their results but  I want a society where we have morality put ahead before other things," she promised.

It should be noted that NPUI was founded by Bobe Yong Francis in 1996 as National Polytechnic Bambui NPB and was approved in was approved in 2002 by the Minister of Higher Education.

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