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NPUI Bamenda matriculates over 1000 students, counts avalanche of successes.

By Ndimbe Usman  At its 9th matriculation ceremony organized on Thursday December 7, 2023, National Polytechnic University Institute NPUI Bamenda witnessed an influx of over 1030 new students into the school registratered for the academic year 2023/2024. Commencement of Matriculation ceremony  The reason behind this mass registration is said to  have been attributed to an avalanche of success stories registered by that Institute in recent years.  The matriculating students on oath  promised to observe the internal Rules and Regulations of National Polytechnic University Institute Bamenda, as well as safeguard and protect the property of the institution at all times. Through their behaviour and  work. That they will spread the fame of National Polytechnic University Institute Bamenda, their alma mater, and will not harm its knowledge dignity, during their class days in school or afterward, God being their helper.   Partial view of the matriculating students  The

NPUI Bamenda: Freshmen pledge discipline, honesty, hardwork in high profile Matriculation Ceremony

By Bakah Derick  New students have pledged to be discipline, hardworking and loyal during their stay at the National Polytechnic University Institute (NPUI) Bamenda. The over 800 Freshmen made the pledge during a Matriculation Ceremony at the amphitheater 1000 of the university on Friday 16 December 2022.  Dr Christopher Apana Akob presenting the faculty members to the freshmen.  Administering the Matriculation Oath was the Vice Chancellor Dr Christopher Apana Akob who reminded the  new students and those transfered to the university institute of the values therein which are to work for the improvement of life for all, preserve knowledge through teaching and develope knowledge through research.  In the presence of the Management Board representated by the Chairperson Yong Jacques, Registrar, Deans, Directors, Chaplains amongst others, the new students promised to be honest, place high value on intellectual, personal and professional growth while striving for the